What is the fees of Bombay Scottish School Powai?

What is the fees of Bombay Scottish School Powai?

Bombay Scottish School, Powai

Yearbook Tartan
School fees 90,000 per annum
Affiliation Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
Website www.bombayscottish.in/powai

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He started his career as a clerk at A. Besse & Co., which in the 1950s was the largest transcontinental trading firm east of Suez. There he learned trading, accounting, and other business skills. In 1958 Ambani returned to India and settled in Bombay (now Mumbai).

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Why choose school profile Bombay Scottish School?

School Profile Bombay Scottish School is a Christian School that attempts to impart Christian values to children. Vision:To envisage our students abide by the moral values imparted to them, have a true civic sense, exhibit compassion towards their fellow beings, and lead an honest and just life.

Who won the best school award in Powai 2018?

Pranav Arun and Sumedh Narvekar of Grade 8 won the Third place. Bombay Scottish School, Powai won the Best School Award (First Place) and were presented a Trophy. Simply Outstanding! Three Cheers, Team Scottish, Powai! Sanidhya Chand, Samarpana Panda from Grade 9 and Pranav Arun from Grade 7 won the Second Place.

Where is the Scottish School in Mumbai?

Bombay Scottish School Raheja Vihar, Off. Chandivali Farm Road Powai, Mumbai – 400 072. Email id: [email protected] Telephone : 2857 3205 / 0732 Telefax : 2857 2206 Robotics Photo Gallery: VALEDICTORY SERVICE Inter School Events Photo Gallery:

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