What is the most valuable mineral in elite dangerous?

What is the most valuable mineral in elite dangerous?

Void Opals
Most high value minerals, including Void Opals and Alexandrite, are gemstones that can only be obtained via core mining, while some such as Painite and Low Temperature Diamonds can be mined with lasers….Commodities.

Chemicals Tritium
Galactic Average Price (CR/T) 36,825
Available in Ring Type Icy
Extraction Method Laser

What is the best mining ship in elite dangerous?

Imperial Cutter – The Top-tier Mining Ship The Imperial Cutter can provide optimal mining performance. It has the largest cargo capacity of any ship in the game currently, enough hardpoints and defenses to pack a punch against pirates, and is speedy enough to carry out several mining trips in quick succession.

Where can I mine osmium?

Osmium is concentrated in layered mafic igneous bodies with other platinum-group metals. It is recovered as a by-product of nickel processing, and is mined in South Africa, Russia, Canada, Australia and the USA.

What is the most dangerous kind of mining?

coal mining
Statistically, coal mining remains more dangerous than other kinds of mining, but only slightly. According to the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration, the rate of coal-mining deaths in the United States between 2001 and 2005 was 0.15 per million production hours.

Is the Imperial Clipper good for mining?

Core Mining – Imperial Clipper Description: An Imperial clipper build made for core mining. With the clipper’s fast speed and decent cargo hold this ship is as good as it gets when it comes to mining core deposits.

How do you mine Painite?

Note that in metallic rings, Painite is only present on asteroid surfaces and must be mined with Mining Lasers, while in metal-rich rings, it is only present in deep core deposits and must be mined with Seismic Charge Launchers. Painite is extremely valuable and can usually be sold at a high price.

How do you mine tritium?

Just dive in, with a good armed miner ( a Conda for ex) AND for the extra frags you get from stones you will double the Tritium harvest. Rocks with 15-25% Tritium will get you 10-16 tones of Tritium – in under 1 minute.

What are void opals?

Void Opals are a rare Mineral Commodity that can be mined from Hotspots in icy Planetary Ring Systems.

What is the smell of osmium?

Osmium tetroxide has a characteristic, unpleasant, irritating odour similar to that of chlorine and ozone with a touch of garlic.

How do miners breathe underground?

The concept is known as “flow through” ventilation: air is sucked into a shaft underground by fans on the surface, while extractors at the top of the mine drag the air back out. As it passes through the various passageways of the mine it brings with it the fresh supply of oxygen.

Do limpets breathe?

Most marine limpets have gills, whereas all freshwater limpets and a few marine limpets have a mantle cavity adapted to breathe air and function as a lung (and in some cases again adapted to absorb oxygen from water).

What color is painite?

brownish red-orange
Painite Information

Data Value
Colors Dark red, garnet-like in hue; brownish red-orange.
Hardness 8
Fracture Conchoidal.
Birefringence 0.029

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