What is the symbol of District 12?

What is the symbol of District 12?

The Three Finger Salute is used by District 12 residents when they have to say thanks or just to show that the person is loved and respected by them. It’s a gesture of admiration, gratitude and saying goodbye to someone you love.

What does District 1 represent in the Hunger Games?

District 1 is one of the wealthiest districts of Panem whose primary industry is manufacturing luxury items i.e. jewelry for the Capitol. As a result, District 1 has a generally favorable relationship with the Capitol, although they are mandated to participate in the annual Hunger Games like the other districts.

What are some symbols in the Hunger Games book?

In both versions of the text, the mockingjay is a symbol of hope, but each medium portrays it as different sort of hope. The novel illustrates the mockingjay as a symbol of hope for rebellion, whereas the film displays the pin as a symbol of hope for Katniss to make it through the games alive.

What are the tributes from Districts 1 and 2 called?

As Katniss explains, the Career Tributes are those tributes from the wealthier districts (typically Districts 1, 2, and 4) who have trained their whole lives to take part in the Hunger Games.

Who was in District 2 Hunger Games?

Cato. Cato is the District 2 male tribute in the 74th Hunger Games. He was the leader of the Career pack and tall, good-looking, the second-largest/physically-strongest tribute, being only slightly smaller than Thresh, the District 11 male tribute.

What do the 13 districts in The Hunger Games represent?

Each district was responsible for a different segment of Panem’s economy, and, together, they kept the post-apocalyptic world habitable. Here are all 12 districts, and what they’re known for, explained. There were 12 distinct districts within Panem.

What does District 13 symbolize in the Hunger Games?

District 13 played a valuable role in securing freedom for the entire nation throughout the Second Rebellion, through its roles as a weapons supplier and communications center. The district also provided air support to the rebels, most notably in the Bombing of the Nut (District 2) and the bombing of the Capitol.

What do the 13 districts in the Hunger Games represent?

What was District 3 known for?

District 3 is one of the 13 districts of Panem. Its main industry is technology, and people manufacture televisions, computers, and other electronics.

What was District 8 known for?

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark in District 8. District 8 is one of the thirteen districts of Panem. Its main industry is textile production, and they have at least one factory that is used for making Peacekeeper uniforms.

What does District 3 represent in The Hunger Games?

It’s main industry is technology. They make all the gadgets and computers of Panem. This often makes their tributes the smartest in the Hunger Games. They are also the smartest district, along with District 5, in which they have a great relationship with.

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