What is with Jayfeather and stick?

What is with Jayfeather and stick?

Jayfeather’s stick is a large branch snapped in two with its bark removed and a series of claw marks along it. It was found near the lake by Jaypaw, and serves as a portal to a group of ancient cats that resided around the lake in ancient times before the Clans made their home there.

Why does Jayfeather have a stick?

The Stick of the Fallen is a memorial created by one of ThunderClan’s medicine cats, Jayfeather, as a way to remember their dead Clanmates.

Does Jayfeather like Cinderheart?

Jayfeather, however, wanted Cinderheart to know that he loves her. While Jayfeather slowly fell love with Cinderheart, she felt something soft feelings toward Cinderheart, from Jayfeather. He talked more gently than ever, and he treated Cinderheart’s wound softly than ever.

What book does Jayfeather meet Half Moon?

Omen of the Stars Jayfeather returns to the Ancients, who are now in the mountains, and Half Moon somberly questions why he never said good-bye before he disappeared. She interprets the moon’s reflection in a cave as their group’s persistence to survive.

Does Jayfeather love Half Moon?

Jayfeather: “You came.” Half Moon: “Of course, my love.” I am the only cat left who remembers the lake, and the journey we made to come here. But I have lived three times as many moons here in the mountains than I did beside the lake, and the endless rushing of the waterfall now echoes in my heart.

Who did Cinderheart love?

She mentored Ivypool and fell in love with Lionblaze, but when she learned about the Kin of Your Kin prophecy, Cinderheart believed she would distract Lionblaze from his destiny.

Why is Jayfeather so popular?

Because he’s well written, has an actual personality, developed, and does have a soft side that makes him realistic. I love him. Honestly, my only complaint about him are the weird fans that ship him with themselves or every other damn character. Not all fans are like this but some do take it a little too far.

Do Hollyleaf and fallen leaves have kits?

Hollyleaf sighed. Fallen Leaves was right. She was pregnant with three kits.

Who is Leafpools mate?

Leafpool is daughter of Firestar. Her mate is Crowfeather, and she used to be medicine cat of ThunderClan. Her sister is Squirrelflight and her kits are Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.

What did Jayfeather do to Willowshine?

Jayfeather licked her core as hard and deep as he possibly could, and Willowshine rolled her eyes back and let out a low howl as her orgasm hit her. She staggered from the pleasure, and sprayed her fluids all over Jayfeather’s muzzle and paws.

What does Jay feather and Willow Shine mean?

Feather and Shine have to stay true to their love and pay heed to their power. They said your love. And I am Willow shine, as you are Jay feather.”

Where can I find Jayfeather’s stick?

It was found near the lake by Jaypaw, and serves as a portal to a group of ancient cats that resided around the lake in ancient times before the Clans made their home there. Jayfeather’s stick is a big, long, smooth, slender, and pale piece of wood.

What does Jayfeather say to Brambleclaw?

Jayfeather has obviously realized that something isn’t right, because he is standing over me, as if to protect me. As if he would have a chance. “I am not here to harm the she-cat. She may go free. I am here, Jayfeather, only for you.” Brambleclaw’s amber eyes are burning with hate. “You’re not going to touch me. No cat will.” Jayfeather growls.

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