What should I study for the NLN?

What should I study for the NLN?

Many of the questions in this 3rd section of the PAX are adapted from Bloom’s Taxonomy.

  1. NLN exam questions are wide-ranging, covering such topics as reading comprehension, vocabulary, biology, basic math, algebra, chemistry, physics, geometry, and earth sciences.
  2. PAX Practice Test.
  3. PAX Study Guide.
  4. Online PAX Prep Course.

Is the NLN test hard?

The NLN PAX Exam is challenging; as it is one of the top used pre-admission exams for nursing careers, it is one of the hardest. Due to the variety of topics the test covers, its time constraints, and the fact that not all the questions are graded, being 100% prepared is vital.

Which is easier NLN or TEAS?

The NLN was harder in their English comprehension b/c of the intense vocabulary words. To me math is easy so I can’t comment on either of the tests on that part. The reading in the TEAS could be said to be easier b/c it had a lot of “following directions” questions & questions relating to graphs or charts.

What is a passing NLN score?

A score of 117 equates to the 70% percentile. 70% of people score less than 117. You must complete all three sections to pass. The pass level varies from school to school – most require you to score 100+; in order words, you should have a composite percentile of 50.

Can I use a calculator on the NLN?

You cannot use a calculator. Most schools are using the computer based testing but you may encounter this test in paper form as well. To help you study for PAX-PN or PAX-RN, the National League of Nurses (NLN) has the NLN Review Guide for LPN/RN Pre-Entrance Exam.

Can you use calculator on NLN?

How long is the NLN exam?

approximately 3 hours
Session Lengths You are allotted approximately 3 hours to take this exam. You are allowed 60 minutes for the verbal ability section, 60 minutes for math, and 60 minutes for science.

Can you use calculator on NLN exam?

Which is easier NLN or teas?

How many times can you take the NLN?

Students are allowed to take the NLN PAX-RN once every six months. The School of Nursing will accept scores for up to two years. If the exam is taken multiple times, we will consider the highest score in the admissions process.

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