What year did Mariners win 116?

What year did Mariners win 116?

Seattle’s 116 wins in 2001 are tied with the 1906 Cubs for the most in a single season in baseball history.

When was the first game played at Safeco Field?

July 15, 1999
It is in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, near the western terminus of Interstate 90. It is owned and operated by the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District. The first game at the stadium was played on July 15, 1999….Seating capacity.

Years Capacity
2019 47,929

What year did the Mariners have the most wins?

The Seattle Mariners’ 2001 season was the 25th since the franchise’s inception. The Mariners finished with a 116–46 (. 716) record, tying the major league record for wins set by the 1906 Chicago Cubs, and setting the record for wins by an American League team.

What was the Mariners best record?

Back in 2001, the Mariners had the best record in baseball at 116-46, tying a Major League record for wins in a season by the 1906 Chicago Cubs. During that unforgettable season in Seattle, the Mariners won a ridiculous 15 games in a row from May 23 to June 8.

Did Griffey play in Safeco Field?

Ken Griffey Jr. shined bright during his 10 seasons in the Kingdome, and his performance in the last game of the ballpark’s history was no different. On June 27, 1999, Griffey Jr. hit the final home run at the Kingdome in front of a sellout crowd before the Seattle Mariners moved to Safeco Field.

Who threw the first pitch at Safeco Field?

An emotional Niehaus took the mound and threw out the first pitch in Safeco Field history to former U.S. House Speaker Tom Foley. It was time to play ball. The Mariners, boasting a team ERA of 6.02, were about to try out their new field for the first time. LINEUPS!

When did Mariners last make playoffs?

However, after Seattle won its division and a playoff berth for the first time in 1995, they have enjoyed sporadic success, making the playoffs three more times but never advancing beyond the American League Championship Series (ALCS); the team has not been to the playoffs since 2001, when they tied an MLB record …

What is the Mariners winning streak?

ARLINGTON — It’s hard not to draw parallels between the 2001 and 2022 Mariners.

Who hit the first home run in Safeco Field?

baseman Russ Davis
July 17, 1999 During the third game at Safeco Field, third baseman Russ Davis hit the first home run at the new ballpark, a solo shot to left field. Later in the same game, outfielder Raul Ibanez came up big with the first grand slam at Safeco Field.

Where did the Mariners play while Safeco was being built?

Safeco Field, now T-Mobile Park has been the Mariners’ home ballpark since July 1999. From their 1977 inception until June 1999, the club’s home park was the Kingdome.

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