When did the DJM-500 come out?

When did the DJM-500 come out?

Pioneer DJM-500 (1995): The DJM-500 was the first Pioneer mixer. It was a great revolution because it was the first DJ mixer with effects. They were only these, but they are still used: Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger and Reverb.

When did the DJM 600 come out?

Pioneer DJM-600-S Mixer In the USA the silver model is the only one available (since 1998), although it has a slightly darker, more titanium than the European model. In Europe we had to do it with the black version only until now. All color variations have identical features and specifications.

When did the DJM 700 come out?


Name Channels Years
DJM-600 4 1998 -?
DJM-600S 4 2002 -?
DJM-700 4 2007 -?
DJM-707 2 2004 -?

Is DJM 600 good?

The DJM-600 is a powerful 4 channel effects mixer with such great versatility that it is one of the most popular mixers on the market. The DJM-600 boasts an intuitive range of Beat Effects and a multitude of channel and cross fader options.

When was Rekordbox released?

With the first version of Rekordbox becoming available in 2009, development continued as Pioneer unveiled the first mobile version of their Rekordbox software (version 1.5. 2) back in April 2012.

When did DJ controllers come out?

Early examples of DJ controllers include the Hercules DJ Console released by Guillemot Corporation in 2004, which features a 6 channel soundcard with SPDIF and MIDI ports, traditional mixer-style faders, crossfader and EQs, jog wheels and CD DJ style button controls.

When was the DDJ-1000 released?

Released: Early 2018, Available Now. Released: August 2019. This review produced by DJs Are Not Jukeboxes, a Chicago-based DJ advocacy group focused on progressing music culture and education. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 is positioned as the king of Rekordbox controllers.

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