Where can I sell vector icons?

Where can I sell vector icons?

Best Places to Sell Icons

  • IconFinder — you get 70%.
  • Noun Project — you get $1.20 for each icon sold individually, 40% from subscriptions.
  • Graphic River — you prepare an icon pack, and they set price, somewhere around $7–12.
  • CreativeMarket — you define the price; they pay 70% from each sale.

How do I make a vector icon?

Create a pixel-perfect vector icon in Illustrator

  1. New document. Create a new Illustrator document.
  2. Draw a line. Choose the Line Segment Tool (\ on keyboard).
  3. Use zig zags. Choose the Selection Tool (V).
  4. Real curves.
  5. Draw a circle.
  6. Align endpoints.
  7. Make a single line.
  8. Duplicate lines.

How do I sell my icon on Flaticon?

How to sell icons in Flaticon

  1. Get in touch with us and send us your portfolio.
  2. Negotiate an attractive price and we will make a selection of the icons we would like to purchase.
  3. Send us the EPS and SVG of the selected icons.
  4. We will revise quality of the icons, do the payment and finally, upload to Flaticon!

How can I sell my icon online?

Best Places to Sell Icons Online

  1. Iconfinder. The best site for selling (and also buying) icons, by far is Iconfinder.com, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  2. The Noun Project.
  3. Flaticon.
  4. Envato Elements.
  5. UI8.
  6. Creative Market.
  7. Pixel Buddha.
  8. iStock Photo.

How can I make money from icon?

How to Make Money As An Icon Designer

  1. Discover your signature style.
  2. Develop a personal brand.
  3. Publish your work consistently.
  4. Icon Design Marketplaces‍
  5. Additional Marketplaces.
  6. Create a list of your dream clients.
  7. Start within your network.
  8. Use an established platform‍

How do you make money from Flaticon?

To become a contributor, you need to send at least one pack with a minimum of 20 icons, although you can upload up to 6 packs. Our team will then decide if your images meet the standars for you to be accepted as a contributor so you can continue uploading your work.

How do I create an icon set?

Here are the tips to create cohesive icon sets.

  1. Stick To One Style. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?
  2. Keep The Same Stylistics. This is slightly different than maintaining the same style.
  3. Size Matters! Maintain the same size of each icon in the set.
  4. Use Grids.
  5. Use The Same Elements Throughout The Set.
  6. Use The Same Color Palette.

Can I earn money from Flaticon?

Become a Contributor Visibility With Flaticon’s over 12 million monthly visits and 7 million users, you get almost instant exposure and stable income. Simplicity We designed our contributor panel so you can easily upload your work, follow the reviewing process, and track your earnings all in one place .

How do I become an icon designer?

How to Start Out as an Icon Designer

  1. Getting Familiar with the Subject.
  2. Establish a Basic Knowledgebase.
  3. Practice Practice and then Practice Some More.
  4. Learn from Others.
  5. Try and Develop Your Own Style.
  6. Putting Yourself Out There.
  7. Making a Living as an Icon Designer.

Is Flaticon com legit?

Flaticon has a consumer rating of 4.87 stars from 45 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Flaticon ranks 4th among Stock Photos sites.

How do you design or create an icon?

1. The icon design process: 7 golden rules

  1. Mind the grid. Many things in digital design are governed by a grid.
  2. Look around first. It’s tempting to want to design a brand new, crazy novel icon or set.
  3. Don’t go detail crazy.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Mind the gap.
  6. Test your work.
  7. Build with simple shapes.

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