Where can you fly Space A?

Where can you fly Space A?

Space Available Flight: Gateways

  • Baltimore-Washington IAP, Maryland.
  • Dover AFB, Delaware.
  • Fairchild AFB, Washington.
  • Jacksonville NAS, Florida.
  • JB Andrews, Maryland.
  • JB Charleston, South Carolina.
  • JB Lewis-McChord, Washington.
  • JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Is Space-a still restricted?

A recent announcement from Air Mobility Command (AMC) brought long-awaited news to the military community: effective April 22, 2022, all restrictions on Space Available (Space-A) travel were lifted. Per the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Space-A had been restricted due to COVID since March 2020.

Who can fly Space-A travel?

Disabled veterans must have a DD Form 2765, Defense Department ID Card (Tan), in order to fly Space-A. Space available flights, better known as Space-A or military hops, allow eligible passengers to fill unused seats on DoD-owned or -controlled aircraft.

Do you need a passport to fly Space A?

All passengers (see an exception for Retirees below) need a Uniformed Services ID showing their DoD ID Number to travel Space-A. Children under 10 years of age (without ID cards), will need a passport for identification but should have their DOD ID number which can be retrieved from the MilConnect Website.

Can disabled Veterans fly Space-A to Europe?

Many disabled veterans are now eligible to fly Space-A on military aircraft. The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act allows veterans with a permanent and total service-connected Department of Veterans Affairs disability rating to travel space available on military aircraft.

Can 100 disabled veterans use Space-A travel?

Is it easy to fly space-a from BWI to Ramstein?

Despite the frequency of flights to Ramstein, BWI is not necessarily the best place to fly Space-A. Particularly during summer PCS season, Patriot Express (PE) flights tend to be full of active duty passengers, and BWI does not have other military flights to Europe besides the PE. 3. The immigration process at Ramstein is easy.

Where can I fly space-a in the US?

JBMDL is one of the top locations on the East Coast for Space-A flight opportunities, especially to Europe. If you live in a part of the country that does not have many active air bases, and you want to know where to fly commercial to start your Space-A travel, McGuire is a great choice.

Do you need a passport to travel to Germany from USA?

Travel To and From Germany. US Military. 1. Military personnel on official business do not require passports but do require military ID cards and NATO TDY travel orders. Military personnel assigned to positions or units with missions that may require deployment to other countries that do require passports should bring a passport to Germany.

How do I get to the Frankfurt Airport?

Several commercial shuttles also provide service to the Frankfurt airport. The Ramstein AMC Gram has a list of providers. The drive takes about 90 minutes, but keep in mind that the shuttles may also pick up other passengers.

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