Where should ball be in stance for bunker shot?

Where should ball be in stance for bunker shot?

The ideal ball position for bunkers shots is in the front-middle part of your stance. If it’s too far in the front, it’s hard to get enough sand. If the ball is too far back in your stance, it’s easy to chop down on it, hit it fat, and leave it in the bunker.

What loft is best for bunker shots?

The more lofted the club the shorter the ball will travel. Your lob wedge (58-60 degrees) for your shortest shots, your sand wedge (56-54 degrees) for your medium shots and your gap wedge (50-52 degrees) for your longer green side sand shots. The pace of your swing can also control distance.

Is a bunker shot like a flop shot?

This is a double duty shot! Walker’s short bunker shot set-up also works for flop shots, those beautiful high arcing shots that get your ball over a hazard and onto the green where they land so softly there’s practically no roll.

Why am I hitting bunker shots fat?

If you are regularly hitting your bunker shots fat, it is likely that you are letting your right hand get involved too early. On the way down, the left hand should be leading the way, pulling the club down toward the ball while the right hand goes along for the ride.

Why am I hitting bunker shots thin?

Catching a bunker shot thin is typically the result of hanging too far back on your right foot while trying to “scoop” the ball into the air. (This can also lead to fat contact, by the way.)

Where should your weight be on a bunker shot?

Place 65 percent of your weight on your front foot, set your feet wide apart (outside your shoulders) and play the ball off your center. Then, keeping your swing at three-quarters, leave all that weight over your front foot throughout. That’s how you draw up a perfect bunker shot.

What club do pros use in bunkers?

Wedges with less bounce (6-8 degrees) are ideally suited for courses that have little sand in the bunkers or that are especially firm (such as Arizona). Wedges in the 10- to 12-degree bounce range are the most versatile and can be effective in a wide variety of conditions.

Why can’t I hit out of a bunker?

“So most golfers really struggle out of the bunker because they don’t make a big enough swing to actually get the sand out.” So what’s the solution? According to Harmon, it’s pretty simple. “You’ve got to make a swing that’s big enough to get the sand out of the bunker,” Harmon said.

Why do I always thin my bunker shots?

Catching a bunker shot thin is typically the result of hanging too far back on your right foot while trying to “scoop” the ball into the air. (This can also lead to fat contact, by the way.) Check the photo below.

What degree wedge is best out of the sand?

A 56-degree sand wedge is suited for hitting out of the sand or for a golfer who hits behind the golf ball a lot. The higher degree of bounce helps the club glide through the sand or dirt, which makes it the most versatile wedge in the bag.

What loft is best for sand?

As we mentioned above, sand wedges are traditionally lofted between 54° and 58° and the loft best suited for you will depend on your current iron set. We recommend researching the loft of your current pitching wedge and gap wedge – if you have one – and make sure they are all separated by 4-6 degrees of loft.

Where should your weight be on a sand shot?

BACKSWING / DO Here’s where you make or break a bunker shot. You hit the sand in a consistent spot by maintaining the position of your head relative to the ball–directly above it. Keep that left spine tilt and at least 60 percent of your weight on your left side during the swing.

How to hit a perfect bunker shot?

These tips will have you hitting perfect bunker shots in no time. The essence of a good bunker shot is the clubface sliding under the ball, creating a cushion of sand to send it high into the air so it can land softly on the green.

How can I improve my bunker consistency?

Here are her smart (and simple) tips to improve your bunker consistency. First, Sagstrom offers a quick refresher on the standard instructions for a greenside bunker shot: “Take a wide stance, dig your feet in, hit the sand before the ball—you’ve probably heard all of that before,” she says.

Why do you hit the sand first in a golf bunker?

You hit the sand first, and it actually propels the ball out of the bunker. Many golfers don’t know this, and they end up hitting it thin because they are trying to actually hit the ball.

Is it hard to land a bunker shot on the Green?

Bunker shots strike fear into the hearts of many golfers. For the longest time I was absolutely terrified when my ball landed in a bunker. Once you have the right information on how to play the shot properly, it is actually not all that hard to safely land your ball on the green.

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