Which AFL player has the most Brownlow votes?

Which AFL player has the most Brownlow votes?

Most Brownlow votes ever polled:

  • 246 – Gary Dempsey (Footscray/North Melbourne)
  • 215 – Robert Harvey (St Kilda)
  • 214 – Gary Ablett Jnr (Geelong/Gold Coast)
  • 210 – Chris Judd (West Coast/Carlton)
  • 204 – Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn)
  • 202- Leigh Matthews (Hawthorn)
  • 187- Brent Harvey (North Melbourne)
  • 186 – Dane Swan (Collingwood)

How many brownlows did Judd win?

two Brownlows
Chris Judd: Two clubs, two Brownlows, one Hall of Fame star who defies description.

Who has the polled the most Brownlow votes in a season?

Wines, 26, polled in 16 games – a Brownlow record and his tally of 36 equals Richmond star Dustin Martin’s record total in 2017.

What club has won the most brownlows?

Brownlow Medal Wins By Club

  • South Melbourne/Sydney 14.
  • St Kilda 10.
  • Footscray/Western Bulldogs 10.
  • Collingwood 9.
  • Essendon 8.
  • Fitzroy 8.
  • Geelong 7.
  • Melbourne 7.

Has anyone won 4 Brownlow medals?

Fourteen players have won the Brownlow Medal on multiple occasions and four have won it three times, these being Haydn Bunton Snr (1931, 1932, 1935), Dick Reynolds (1934, 1937, 1938), Bob Skilton (1959, 1963, 1968) and Ian Stewart (1965, 1966, 1971).

Who is the best defender in the AFL history?

The fans have voted and Fox Footy’s all-time All Australian team can be revealed

  • Gary Ablett received the most votes in the all-time All Australian team.
  • Paul Roos won All-Australian selection seven times at Fitzroy and added two more at Sydney.
  • Stephen Silvagni garnered the most votes of any defender.

What is a ruck rover in AFL?

Ruck-Rover The ruck-rover’s job is to win the ball in contests and follow the ball down the field. They need to be in the right position to receive the ball from the ruck taps. The ruck-rover needs to be a fit and tough player that can tackle and read the ball well.

Who is the best defender in AFL?

Top 20 Premium Defender Prices

Name Club Price
Jake Lloyd Sydney $586,600
Jack Ziebell North Melbourne $585,800
Tom Stewart Geelong $585,700
Daniel Rich Brisbane $582,700

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