Which countries are most affected by floods?

Which countries are most affected by floods?

The majority of flood exposed people, about 1.36 billion, are located in South and East Asia; China (329 million) and India (225 million) account for over a third of global exposure. Of the 1.47 billion people who are exposed to flood risk, 89 percent live in low- and middle-income countries.

Does South America have floods?

Persistent heavy rains in parts of South America caused deadly flooding in early 2008.

Why does it flood in South America?

South America is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of the El Niño Southern Oscillation with both extremes, the so-called El Niño and La Niña events, contributing to regional drought or extreme rainfall and flooding.

What countries are flooding 2021?

2021 European floods

From top: Flood and damage in Altenahr, Germany; the storm over Europe on 14 July.
Date 12–25 July 2021
Location Austria Belgium Czech Republic Croatia France Germany Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Romania Switzerland United Kingdom

What countries do floods usually occur in?

Approximately, 21 million people worldwide could be affected by river floods on average each year, and the 15 countries with the most people exposed, including India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, and Cambodia …

Does Peru flood?

Since the end of January, a sudden and abnormal warming of Pacific waters off Peru known as a Coastal El Niño has led to deadly rains, storms, floods and strong winds.

Where is the flooding in Peru?

Nearly 900 people were evacuated from the town near Machu Picchu amid rains and floods that left one person missing and several homes destroyed in Peru, according to the tourism ministry.

Why is there so much rain in South America?

The trade winds of both hemispheres converge between the subtropical anticyclones of the Northern and Southern hemispheres in that low-pressure region. A migrating zone of unstable atmospheric conditions results, bringing periods of prolonged, abundant precipitation.

What country is flooded recently?

China – Deadly Floods in Sichuan and Gansu Heavy rain has taken its toll in western and central China over the last week.

Where was the most recent flood 2022?

Argentina and Chile – Heavy Rain Causes Deadly Mudslide and Floods in South. Heavy rain has affected areas of southern Chile and southern Argentina since 06 June 2022.

Where does it flood the most?

10 States Most at Risk of Flooding.

  • Georgia.
  • Massachusetts.
  • North Carolina.
  • South Carolina.
  • Virginia.
  • New Jersey.
  • New York.
  • Which continent is most affected by floods?

    This burden was not shared equally, as Asia seemed to be the most vulnerable continent for floods and storms, with 44% of all disaster events, 58% of the total deaths, and 70% of the total people affected.

    When was the last flood in Peru?

    Peru: Floods and Landslides – Feb 2019.

    Why does Peru flood?

    Since the end of January, a sudden and abnormal warming of Pacific waters off Peru known as a Coastal El Niño has led to deadly rains, storms, floods and strong winds. Around half the country is under a state of emergency and more than 250,000 children have been affected.

    What causes flooding in Peru?

    The precipitation is clearly and directly linked to extremely warm water off the coast of Peru, which scientists in Peru have tied to a rare “coastal” El Niño event. In Peru’s local climate a high percentage of total annual precipitation can fall in just a few days, causing floods or landslides.

    What is the most recent flood in the world?


    • 2019–2020 Congo River floods.
    • 2020 Jakarta floods.
    • 2020 China floods.
    • 2020 Kyushu floods.
    • 2020 Nepal floods.
    • 2020 Brazilian floods and mudslides.
    • 2019–2020 United Kingdom floods.
    • Storm Gloria (Spain and France)

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