Who builds Cornwell Tool Boxes?

Who builds Cornwell Tool Boxes?

Kennedy has been manufacturing industrial-grade, durable, metal tool boxes and storage cabinets for over a century. Today, Kennedy produces the Cornwell-branded Platinum™ series, Pro Series®, drawer and service carts, in addition to an array of classic and innovative tool storage equipment under the Kennedy brand.

Where are Cornwell Tool boxes made?

Cornwell has two state-of-the-art distribution centers located in Clearfield, Utah and Wadsworth, Ohio, along with three manufacturing facilities located in Albion, Ohio (Forging Operation), Mogadore, Ohio (Hand Tool Manufacturing), and Van Wert, Ohio (Tool Storage Manufacturing).

What happened to Cornwell Tools?

Cornwell remains as one of two remaining mobile tool companies that still produce their own handtools in house at their Albion, Pennsylvania foundry and Mogadore, Ohio machining plants. USA sourced steel is used at these locations to create a more consistent, better quality product than that of overseas manufacturers.

How much does a Cornwell tool box weigh?

Cubic Capacity: 16,584 cu. -in. Unit Weight: 400 lbs.

Are Cornwell Tools lifetime warranty?

More Info on Cornwell Quality Tools Hand tools have a lifetime warranty when used normally. For technical support call (412) 889-5895 or email [email protected].

How much does a Snap-on truck weigh?

Big,” is over 6′ tall, 17′ long and weighs 5,700 lbs when empty. Morgano says, “Loaded up with tools, it takes four people to move it.” Morgano waited four months to receive the box because, according to his Snap-on distributor, it was the largest box ever built.

How much weight can a Snap-on drawer hold?

The Snap-on Single-Bank delivers that and more – over 15,000 cubic inches* and over 3,600 pound capacity. Maximum security, safety, and styling, protected with the finest paint job in the business. Build It Your Way. Lots of choices – drawers, work surfaces, end cabs and top chests.

Where are Matco Tool boxes made?

Jamestown, NY
Matco produces their own line of high quality toolboxes in their Jamestown, NY manufacturing plant. They manufacture and contract the production of many air tools, electric tools, hand tools and diagnostic tools. They carry a lifetime warranty on all hand tools.

Does Cornwell sell Milwaukee tools?

NEW Milwaukee flyer is here! Many great deals to be had through the end of June, including FREE batteries with purchase. Check out the assortment of outdoor power equipment and take advantage of tons of Packout storage products.

Who makes Matco ratchet?

This includes over 13,000 different tools such as wrenches, screw drivers, gauges, and specialty tools. Matco produces their own line of high quality toolboxes in their Jamestown, NY manufacturing plant….Matco Tools.

Type Subsidiary of Vontier
Products Professional hand tools
Parent Vontier
Website www.matcotools.com

Are Blue Point tools made by Snap-On?

Blue Point is a lower-end tool brand of Snap-On. They are made with the Snap-On specifications but different finish. Though Snap-On owns Blue Point, manufactures are contracted to make Blue Point tools. Blue Point tools do not have a Snap-On name on them.

Who makes Snap-on truck?

The vehicle build process starts with the selection of the right chassis and body to do the job. Having worked with Snap-on for over 40 years, LDV understands the importance of a durable, reliable vehicle to keep you on the road selling tools. For over 15 years, LDV has built on the Freightliner MT platform.

What gauge steel does Snap-on use?

Snap-on tests them to the equivalent of 20-plus years, so they are going to hold their value. We don’t cut corners; Snap-on’s unique 14 gauge steel gussets reinforce the corners, keeping the box square for a lifetime.

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