Who is Donald Newhouse married to?

Who is Donald Newhouse married to?

Donald Newhouse
Spouse(s) Susan Marley (1955–2015)
Children 3
Parent(s) Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr. Mitzi Epstein
Relatives Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr. (brother)

What is Conde Nast worth?

A capitalization of 204,560,000,000 dollars, a turnover of 163.8 billion, a net profit of 13 billion dollars, or more than 10 billion euros.

What companies does Advance Publications own?

Advance’s portfolio of exceptional companies includes Condé Nast, Advance Local, Stage Entertainment, The IRONMAN Group, American City Business Journals, Leaders Group, Turnitin, 1010data, and POP. Advance is also among the largest shareholders in Charter Communications, Warner Bros. Discovery and Reddit.

Who owns Advance Newhouse?

Advance Publications, Inc., doing business as Advance, is an American media company owned by the descendants of S.I. Newhouse Sr., Donald Newhouse and S.I. Newhouse Jr. It owns a large number of subsidiary companies, including Condé Nast, and is a major shareholder in Reddit.

Who is the father of the Newhouse family?

The family’s fortunes began with Samuel Irving Newhouse (b. May 24, 1895, New York, N.Y., U.S.—d. Aug. 29, 1979, New York City), who was born Solomon Neuhaus and was later known as S.I. Newhouse. He was working as a clerk for Judge Herman Lazarus in Bayonne, N.J., when Lazarus took over a failing newspaper, the Bayonne Times.

How old is Donald Newhouse?

Donald Edward Newhouse (born 1929) is an American billionaire heir and business magnate.

Who was Si Newhouse?

Samuel Irving “S.I.” Newhouse Jr. (November 8, 1927 – October 1, 2017) was an American heir to a substantial magazine and media business.

Where does Steve Newhouse live?

He resides in New York City. Newhouse’s father, Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr., was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and began the family media business. His mother, Mitzi Epstein, was an arts patron and philanthropist who grew up in an upper middle class family on the Upper West Side, the daughter of a silk tie importer.

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