Who is in the movie The Interpreter?

Who is in the movie The Interpreter?

Silvia BroomeNicole Kidman, Sophie TraubZuwanieEarl CameronTobin KellerSean PennSimon BroomeHugo Speer, Monty Ashton-LewisKuman‑Ku…George HarrisDot WoodsCatherine Keener
The Interpreter/Characters

Does Netflix have the movie interpreter?

Watch The Interpreter | Netflix.

What is the movie interpreter rated?

PG-13The Interpreter / MPAA rating

Is The Interpreter a good movie?

Despite a script that at times seems a little too pretentious, The Interpreter benefits from strong work by Academy Award winners Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn and a great sequence that is as tense as any in recent memory. As a character drama about dealing with violence and loss, The Interpreter is a quiet success.

Is The Interpreter real?

The Interpreter is a largely accurate depiction of interpreting. The sound booths shown in the UN plenary sessions were unquestionably accurate. Many scenes of the film were shot at the actual UN Headquarters after all.

Is the interpreter on Amazon Prime?

Watch The Interpreter | Prime Video.

Can kids watch The Interpreter?

This intense thriller is best for older teens.

What is the movie interpreter about?

Interpreter Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) is at the United Nations when she overhears what she believes is a plan to assassinate the president of Matobo, Edmond Zuwanie (Earl Cameron). When she alerts the authorities, Secret Service agents Tobin Keller (Sean Penn) and Dot Woods (Catherine Keener) are assigned to the case. It’s not long before they decide that Silvia herself is a suspect, having formerly been involved with both a guerrilla group in Matobo and the president’s chief opponent.The Interpreter / Film synopsis

Is The Interpreter true story?

Is the movie interpreter a true story?

Is The Interpreter movie based on a book?

The Interpreter is a 2005 political thriller film directed by Sydney Pollack, starring Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, and Jesper Christensen….

The Interpreter
Directed by Sydney Pollack
Screenplay by Charles Randolph Scott Frank Steven Zaillian
Story by Martin Stellman Brian Ward

Was The Interpreter filmed at the UN?

The fictional political thriller directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, showcased the world body’s headquarters in New York. CCOI’s Role: CCOI facilitated the on-location filming at UN headquarters and provided extras.

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