Who is on the Toronto Police Services Board?

Who is on the Toronto Police Services Board?


Name Position Joined board
Jim Hart Chair September 30, 2019
Marie Moliner Vice-chair March 27, 2012
John Tory Head of municipal council (mayor) December 2, 2014
Uppala Chandrasekera Member September 13, 2017

How many members does Toronto Police have?

The Toronto Police Service has approximately 5,400 uniformed officers/under cover officers and 2,500 civilian employees. Its officers are among the best paid in Canada.

What happened Julian Fantino?

Fantino, who had been the board’s chair, resigned from the board effective May 15, 2020. He had been criticized for his involvement due to his longtime opposition to cannabis and having once compared legalizing the substance to legalizing murder.

What Colour is the Toronto police uniform?

1, all uniformed members of the Toronto Police Service will sport a new look: black shirts and tailored black pants with cargo pockets on the thighs and a red stripe down the outside seam.

Who is on the Ottawa Police Service Board?

About the Board

Provincial Appointees
Michael Doucet 613-560-1270
Councillor Cathy Curry 613-580-2474
Executive Director
Krista Ferraro (613) 560-1270

How much does a Toronto police detective make?

The average salary for a detective is $28.87 per hour in Toronto, ON.

Who appoints chief of police in Canada?

Commissioner. 5 (1) The Governor in Council may appoint an officer, to be known as the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to hold office during pleasure, who, under the direction of the Minister, has the control and management of the Force and all matters connected with the Force.

Who is the chief of police in Ottawa?

Peter Sloly OOM
Peter John Sloly OOM (born 5 August 1966) is a Canadian police officer who served as the chief of police for the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) from 2019 to 2022….Peter Sloly.

Peter Sloly OOM
Service years 1988–2016; 2019–2022
Rank Chief of Police

What guns do Toronto police use?

Regional and Municipal Police

Force Province Model
Toronto Police Service Ontario Glock 17 Glock 19 Glock 22 Glock 27
Vancouver Police Department British Columbia SIG Sauer P226
Victoria Police Department British Columbia Glock 17
Waterloo Regional Police Service Ontario Glock 45

Is Punisher pro a cop?

The Punisher is a criminal; he is not intended to be a good guy and what he does should not be a fantasy of the police, whose job is to uphold the law and protect American citizens. It is not the job of law enforcement officers to dispense justice to anyone and it has never been.

Who does the Ottawa police board report to?

The boards represent community interests and are accountable to the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission located in Toronto.

Who governs police in Ontario?

All police services in Ontario are accountable to the public through the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD). The OIPRD is an independent agency that oversees complaints and investigates the conducts, services and policies of police chiefs and officers.

Who are the members of the Toronto Police Board?

Board members. As set out by the Police Services Act, there are seven members on the board: three are appointed by the provincial government, one is the Mayor of Toronto (or a designate), two are members of Toronto City Council, and one is a citizen selected by Toronto City Council.

Where can I find more information about the Toronto Police Service?

Visit the City’s Budget for detailed information about the Toronto Police Service’s budget and service activities. The Toronto Police Services Board (the TPS Board) oversees the Toronto Police Service. The TPS Board is responsible for ensuring the provision of adequate and effective police services in Toronto.

What is the role of the Ontario Police Board?

The boards govern the municipal police forces and in the case of O.P.P. contract locations, serve as advisory bodies. The population of the City of Toronto exceeded 300,000 according to the last enumeration. The council is deemed to have applied to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and been approved, to increase the size of the board to seven.

How many police officers are in the TPS?

The TPS has approximately 7,600 full-time and part-time uniform and civilian members including front-line police officers, criminal investigators, community response officers, parking enforcement officers, communications operators, court officers, civilian specialists and support staff.

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