Who makes Hiland ice cream?

Who makes Hiland ice cream?

Doing what is right. One of these organizations is Quality Chekd Dairies Inc., a member-owned organization of 26 independent dairy processors. As a Quality Chekd member, Hiland Dairy and its products are held to a higher standard, and our production facilities continually win awards for quality and cleanliness.

Who owns Hiland?

Prairie Farms Dairy
Hiland Dairy is incorporated by Prairie Farms Dairy, a farmer-owned cooperative committed to producing fresh, wholesome dairy products.

Where is Hiland milk produced?

Is Hiland Dairy milk local? Yes. Our milk comes from our farmer-owners — with most of them located within 100 miles of each of our 11 plants in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

When did Hiland Dairy start?

Decades of Tradition. We’ve been around since 1938, but many of our farmer-owners’ families have been producing quality dairy products for well over 100 years.

Who is the CEO of Hiland Dairy?

Gary Aggus
Gary Aggus is the president of Hiland Dairy. He has spent his entire work career in the dairy industry. He started his career with Foremost Dairy and rose to the level of District Sales Manager.

When did Borden stop making ice cream?

Borden (company)

Type Public
Founded 1857
Defunct 2001
Fate Defunct, operations sold
Successor Borden Dairy Dairy Farmers of America Hexion

What happened to Borden?

On January 5, 2020, Borden Dairy Company filed for bankruptcy. “Despite our numerous achievements during the past 18 months, the company continues to be impacted by the rising cost of raw milk and market challenges facing the dairy industry,” said CEO Tony Sarsam in a statement.

What happened to Prairie Farms?

United Dairy purchases Prairie Farms, will hire as many employees as possible. OHIO (WTRF) – United Dairy based out of Martins Ferry has agreed to purchase Prairie Farms. Prairie Farms will be shutting down its Marietta plant effective December 31st, with United Dairy officially taking over operations on January 1st.

Who makes Great Value ice cream?

Wells Dairy
That’s the philosophy behind every scoop made by Wells Dairy in Le Mars, Iowa – where Great Value ice cream has been made for 30 years. To make amazing ice cream, we focus on quality ingredients.

Why is Borden milk so good?

Our milk comes only from cows not treated with rbST** and has 9 essential nutrients to help you grow healthy and strong. But it’s our famously rich, creamy flavor that sends your taste buds soaring. We call this The Borden Difference, and we’re proud to deliver it every day.

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