Who performs at Riot Fest?

Who performs at Riot Fest?

The current lineup for Riot Fest 2022 also includes Alkaline Trio, Ice Cube, Jimmy Eat World, Yungblud, Bad Religion, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yellowcard, Portugal The Man, Bleachers, Placebo, the Descendents, Bauhaus, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sleater-Kinney, The Academy Is… and Action Bronson.

Who canceled Riot Fest?

Riot Fest is less than a month away, but the festival’s lineup is once again in flux due to Nine Inch Nails’ decision to cancel all of the band’s remaining 2021 performances. “When originally planned, these shows were intended to be a cathartic return to live music.

Is there an age limit for Riot Fest?

Hell yes, you can. Riot Fest is all ages. Exposing kids to awesome music is super important. Children 5 years old and under will be admitted (with a ticket-holding adult) for free.

Can you camp at Riot Fest Chicago?

All attendees are to exit the premises at the end of each night. There are no camping areas, nor is it allowed on the festival grounds. Please do not camp.

Is Riot Fest punk rock?

Summer festival season is right around the corner, and we’ve got lineup news on one of the year’s biggest events: Riot Fest is returning to Douglass Park from September 16–18 with a laundry list of more than 85 punk rock, emo and hip-hop acts (including a few who had to drop out of last year’s edition).

Who played at Riot Fest 2021?

Morrissey performs Thursday at Riot Fest at Douglass Park. Morrissey performs before a large and poignant backdrop on Day One of Riot Fest at Douglass Park. Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio performs Thursday at Riot Fest in Douglass Park. Matt Skiba performs with Alkaline Trio on Thursday at Riot Fest in Douglass Park.

Is Riot Fest 2021 cancelled?

On August 19, 2021, Nine Inch Nails announced the cancellation of their 2021 dates. In response, Riot Fest booked Slipknot as a new headliner, and added a special ‘preview party’ on the 16th with Morrissey.

What bands are playing at Riot Fest 2022?

Notable first-timers for Riot Fest 2022 include beloved indie rockers Yeah Yeah Yeahs; the pivotal goth rock group Bauhaus; a reunited Sunny Day Real Estate; as well as first-time sets from Portugal. The Man, Yungblud, Placebo, Jeff Rosenstock, Lunachicks, The Linda Lindas, and Lucky Boys Confusion.

What should I wear to Riot Fest?

Unlike other Chicago summer music festivals, where jerseys and crop tops are the norm, Riot Fest showcases an edgy lineup of more casual looks.

Can you bring water to Riot Fest?

Empty Water Bottle Whether because you’re moshing, crushing Dos Equis or just out in the hot sun all day, the good people of Riot Fest are always kind enough to put water filling stations around the park so you don’t have to waste all your cash on bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.

What kind of music is at Riot Fest?

Riot Fest is a multi-day music festival specializing in punk, rock, alternative, metal, and hip-hop.

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