Why does the right side of my head hurt when I cough?

Why does the right side of my head hurt when I cough?

Although uncommon, people may sometimes experience a headache from coughing. This is often due to extra pressure in the abdomen that can increase pressure in the head. A primary cough headache is due only to coughing, or another activity, such as sneezing or straining.

Can coughing make your brain hurt?

Whether you have a cold, are sneezing due to allergies, or even laughing too hard, the pressure that builds up while you cough can end up causing a headache. An increase in pressure on the head can cause uncomfortable headaches and pains.

Should I be worried if my head hurts when I cough?

A secondary cough headache may be triggered by a cough, but it is caused by problems with the brain or structures near the brain and spine. Secondary cough headaches can be more serious and may require treatment with surgery. Anyone who has a cough headache for the first time should see their health care provider.

Can coughing cause a brain aneurysm?

However, if you have high blood pressure or have been diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm (a weakened blood vessel in the brain that could rupture under pressure), forceful coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose could cause a stroke. This is because such actions may suddenly increase the pressure inside of your brain.

Does Covid make your head hurt?

Many studies have shown that COVID may cause headaches. Some people even get a headache before they notice any breathing problems. It is a common symptom of COVID.

When I cough my head feels like it will explode?

KNOW YOUR SINUS CONGESTION, PRESSURE AND PAIN. When the pressure is building in your face and your head feels like it might explode, chances are high that it’s your sinuses.

How do I relieve pressure from my head from coughing?

Your doctor might prescribe medications made to treat other illness off-label for a primary cough headache. These include acetazolamide, propranolol, methysergide, naproxen, ergonovine, and others.

Can you get a brain aneurysm from coughing?

Why does my head hurt when I cough?

Coughing can sometimes make a person’s head hurt or trigger a headache. There are two types of cough headaches that doctors call primary and secondary cough headaches. Primary cough headaches are usually temporary and harmless. Secondary cough headaches are more serious, as they can have a link to issues with the brain.

Can a cough give you a headache on both sides?

You may get a primary cough headache while coughing or immediately afterwards. Coughing headaches are typically bilateral, or felt on both sides of the head. Unilateral, or one-sided, headaches are not commonly associated with cough headaches. Additional symptoms may include:

What are the primary cough headache symptoms?

Primary cough headache symptoms include: They last for a few seconds or few minutes, but sometimes up to 2 hours. They cause a sharp, splitting or stabbing type of pain. Both sides of the head are usually affected. Pain may be worse at the back of the head. A dull headache may follow and continue for hours.

Why do I have pain in the side of my head?

Often the pain will be on only one side of your head. Temporal arteritis: This is a condition in which you have inflamed or damaged arteries that supply blood to your head and brain. This pressure can cause other symptoms such as vision impairment, shoulder or hip pain, jaw pain, and weight loss.

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