Are low impedance injectors better?

Are low impedance injectors better?

With low impedance injectors, you’re more likely to find them in larger, higher performance injectors. The driver circuitry used with these injectors is referred to as a Peak – Hold type of circuit, and is much more complex (and therefore expensive) than the saturated driver circuits in high impedance injectors.

What is the difference between MegaSquirt and MicroSquirt?

Microsquirt offers similar features to Megasquirt-2 but comes pre-assembled in a case and is half the size. It offers two fuel outputs, four ignition outputs and two crank/cam tach inputs as standard. However, it requires an external add-on to support 4 wire stepper idle.

Who makes MicroSquirt?

Bowling & Grippo
MicroSquirt – what can we tell you that you have not already heard about this extremely popular product? Designed by Bowling & Grippo, this is one hot product, used by thousands of folks for all sorts of uses from single-cylinder to massive 8-cylinder monsters!

Does MegaSquirt replace stock ECU?

While there are many cars where MegaSquirt can completely replace the stock ECU, on some cars you’ll need to leave the stock ECU in place.

Do low impedance injectors cause flyback circuit failure?

MegaSquirt (PCB2.2) users running a number of very low impedance injectors have reported problems with the flyback circuit failing. Typically, thi…

What makes the MegaSquirt 3 with ms3x so special?

The MegaSquirt 3 with MS3X expansion arrives equipped with features surpassing MS2 & MS1 systems, like sequential fuel & spark, 2 step, progressive nitrous, boost control, onboard traction control & much more! MS3X paved the way for the powerful MS3Pro systems by AMP EFI.

Is the MegaSquirt sold for race cars only?

Consequently, it’s sold for unregulated race cars only. Sorry. Im looking at purchasing a megasquirt for my fzj80 landcrusier running a 1fz-fe engine.

What can the Megasquirt-III EMS system do?

In addition to sequential injection and individual cylinder tuning, this ECU can do boost control, traction control, and many other tuning features. What are the physical dimensions of the MegaSquirt-III EMS System with MS3X Expansion V3.57 – Assembled Unit?

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