Are there still singing telegrams?

Are there still singing telegrams?

Over the decades, singing telegrams made their way into popular culture, From sitcoms and movies, right on up to “Sesame Street.” Western Union discontinued its own singing service in 1974. But singing telegrams live on in a somewhat flashier form.

Are online Greeting Cards safe?

The risks. A legitimate-looking eCard, once it is clicked and/or any attachments downloaded, could contain malware which: Infects your computer or mobile device with spyware which can result in fraud or identity theft. Sends bogus emails, that appear to come from you, to all of your email contacts.

Where can I buy musical birthday cards?

Musical birthday cards are timeless classics. If you think the paper ones are cool wait till you see the online musical birthday cards on stock at Smilebox. Fully animated and you can choose the music you want! That’s amazing!

Can I add music to my singing birthday cards?

We’ve got a huge selection of designs for you to choose from, and tons of tunes as well – plus you can always upload whatever music you want. Smilebox singing birthday cards are fully animated and customizable. You can play around with the design, add your personalized text and photos and of course add music!

What to do with musical greeting cards?

Musical Greeting Cards. When simple handwritten words fall short to express what we feel, musical greeting cards can do the job. Use the power of music or your own voice to better express yourself. bigDAWGS greetings offers a wide selection of musical greeting cards perfect for any occasion. Spread some love and positivity during

Who writes the doozy musical birthday eCards?

Most Doozy Musical birthday ecards are composed by one of five song writers and musicians, one of who is the legendary Dionne Warwick herself! You can see all Dionne’s cards in the Dionne Warwick Collection. Our musical genres and styles vary as greatly as the characters and stories in the ecards.

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