Can HSG help you get pregnant?

Can HSG help you get pregnant?

Interestingly, some women actually do have greater success getting pregnant naturally after HSG – in fact, the chances can increase as much as 25% for up to three months after the procedure. It may be due to tubal flushing from the oil-based contrast fluid, or even the dye solution enhancing the lining of the uterus.

What is a normal HSG result?

Normal HSG test results Your HSG test results are normal if the liquid dye flows through your fallopian tubes and spills out, indicating that there aren’t any blockages. (The spilled dye flows into your abdomen and is absorbed by the body.)

Does HSG delay ovulation?

A: An HSG or hysterosalpingogram is a test to check the openness (patency) of the fallopian tubes. Though I have now heard of many women who have experienced delayed or no ovulation after the HSG, from a physiologic point of view, there is no medical explanation for the HSG delaying or preventing ovulation.

Can you conceive the same cycle as HSG?

It’s suggested to do the HSG before ovulation. If you are not already pregnant at the time this procedure is performed, it’s unlikely that a fetus conceived in the same cycle is at an increased risk of adverse outcome or anomalies.

How long should I wait to get conceived after HSG?

You may be more likely to get pregnant in the three months after an HSG, but that depends on why you can’t get pregnant and what kind of contrast the technician uses. Doctors order an HSG for diagnostic reasons. It’s rarely used as a treatment itself.

Is it likely to get pregnant after a HSG?

Studies have shown that there is up to 30% increased pregnancy rates for the first 3 months after an HSG for couples with unexplained infertility. It is presumed that the dye itself flushes out debris (also known as “tubal goo”) and if that was all that was preventing pregnancy, you conceive within 3 months.

Does having a HSG help you get pregnant?

The evidence for tubal flushing. This section of the blog was updated on 15 October 2020 to reflect the updated Cochrane Review on tubal flushing for subfertility.

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  • Who got pregnant after a HSG?

    Pregnancy after an HSG may be more likely, depending on the cause of your infertility. Check out any fertility forum online, and you’ll find women claiming they got pregnant one or two months after an HSG.Your doctor may even tell you that you’re more likely to conceive after this fertility test.

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