College admission essay: how to have your college application accepted

If you have the high school years behind your back, then you might be preparing to enter a college. It is not an easy flow and you will have some stress while passing through exams and interviews. A college admission essay plays not the last role in this process and in the case when all other criteria are equal between you and alternate competing applicants, a compellent essay can make the real difference.

How to Make a Start in Writing an Essay

As it has been mentioned hereinbefore, a college admission essay is due in no small part to the fact of your acceptance to the college. So, give careful considerations to it and try to create a piece which will show that your academic qualification is enough for this college. I hope this article will help you to cope with this task.

  1. Initially, you need to know which kind of an essay is required. There are three types of it. The first one is where you tell about yourself. The second one is why you have chosen exactly this college and not some other. And the third type of the essay requires you to answer some creative question.
  2. When you know what kind of an essay is required, think about the introduction of the essay. It must intrigue a reader in some way. You can start with an anecdote, a question, an interesting quote or a bold statement. You can talk directly to a reader or you can make an introduction with just one word, but exactly this word has to make a reader go on with your essay.
  3. Read some success stories. It will inspire you and you will make certain that they have been written by simple people like you and it has really worked. Just be yourself.
  4. Outline the structure of your essay. Usually, it does not have to be a long one, but like every paper, it has to include introduction and conclusion, which are generally the most important parts of it. Think over a thesis statement. Since it is the main idea of your essay, do not leave it to the very end.

Your Guide in Writing a Stand-Out College Admission Essay

When you have made a start in writing your essay, consider that a good beginning is half the battle. Now you will find some tips below, which will help you to make really a stand-out essay and to impress your reader.

  1. Throughout your essay do not be boring, be a real person, express your own ideas and emotions. Your reader must recognize your personality and understand that you are exactly the student their college needs. If you write from your heart, this task will be easy for you.
  2. Remember that you do not have to repeat your resume. They will have already had it, so in your essay do not list the achievements you have mentioned there, but tell them about things, which have not fit into your resume and which are exactly YOUR story, but not someone else’s.
  3. Much as the introduction, the essay conclusion is also very important. You have to come out strong and make yourself memorable.
  4. Make sure that you have covered the essay topic. If there is a requirement to answer some creative question in the essay, check and be sure that you have answered it.
  5. Pay attention to the appearance and format of your essay. It has to be beautiful in the whole meaning of this word – with a readable font, right margins, a heading and a title. Do not forget about page numbers and paragraph indentation.
  6. First, revise several times by yourself, and then ask someone you trust to give his or her opinion on your essay. It is always helpful to get someone else’s perspective on the issue you are working on. Moreover, it will be useful if you get a few estimations at once.

If you do not have the definite people you really trust and respect, you always can apply to some admission essay writing service, which can easily be found on the Internet. Such services can both check your essay and even write it for you if you provide the full information about yourself and what you need exactly. One more piece of advice: be careful while asking for help online. Such sites and the companies, which present these sites, must be trustworthy; so check twice before placing your order since your fortune will rest in their hands.


Writing impressing essays is not as easy as winking and it is impossible to write something powerful overnight. Therefore, if you have decided to do it on your own, provide yourself with time and patience since there is a long way to go. Just reading this article has taken time and you will need more to follow all the instructions and tips provided hereinbefore. At the same time, if you choose another way by applying for help to essay writing services, take the effort to find a credible company, which will fulfil its task in whole and will bring closer your dream to become a college student.

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