Did the Nets change their uniforms?

Did the Nets change their uniforms?

The new uniforms for this season were designed to incorporate different eras of the franchise, creating a modern look while paying homage to the totality of Nets history.

When did Nets change their jersey?

The Nets will wear their City Edition jerseys for the first time on Wednesday, Nov. 3, against the Hawks. Nets City Edition uniforms pay homage to New Jersey and even Long Island with a mix of Brooklyn in there.

Why did the Nets change colors?

The Nets went with a three-dimensional shield concept while keeping the basketball that was part of every franchise logo but one. Most significantly, the team changed its color scheme for the first time: deepening the red and swapping royal blue for navy, also adding silver and dark grey.

Why did the Nets change from New Jersey to Brooklyn?

Following the two NBA Finals losses, the New Jersey Nets were simply unable to attract additional talent nor return to their former glory. By moving to Brooklyn, the Nets were able to reestablish themselves as a premiere destination for fans and players alike.

Why are the Nets in red white and blue?

The Brooklyn Nets are bringing back a classic ’90s look for the 2020-21 NBA season. The team already unveiled its Nike Classic Edition jerseys — red, white and blue with a tie-dye pattern — that pay homage to the Nets’ roots in New Jersey, where the franchise started as the ABA’s New Jersey Americans in 1967.

Why did New Jersey Nets change name?

Understandably, their name changed as part of a new identity. Originally, the Nets were supposed to play in Manhattan’s 69th Regiment Armory; when they land in New Jersey, they played in the Teaneck Armory. Those arenas proved to be a natural fit for a team clad in red, white, and blue called the Americans.

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