Does Adcom still exist?

Does Adcom still exist?

Adcom is no longer manufactured in the USA (see later in this review under the heading Adcom history) but the new owner owns all the original schematics and, with the GFA-585se at least, seems to be following them to the letter.

What does Adcom stand for?


Acronym Definition
ADCOM Admissions Committee
ADCOM Administrative Committee
ADCOM Advanced Computing and Communications (International Conference)
ADCOM Advanced Computing and Communication (International Conference)

What Adcom amps did Nelson pass design?

ADCOM earned worldwide acclaim with the GFA-555 – a power stereo amplifier designed by Nelson Pass. It was an ADCOM milestone that became a classic step-up for budget amplifiers at that time.

What is Adcom premed?

Medical school admissions committees (adcoms) aim to admit well-rounded applicants that embody a laundry list of qualities. Furthermore, every medical school looks for slightly different personal attributes that fit their school’s nuanced missions.

What Adcom amps did Nelson Pass design?

Who designed the Adcom GFA-555?

legendary Nelson Pass
The ADCOM GFA-555 II is among the world’s greatest audio power amplifiers of all time. The GFA-555 was designed by the legendary Nelson Pass (interview, chat room), whose amplifiers today sell new for five figure price tags.

What does Adcom mean?

What is an FDA Adcom meeting?

AdComs are panels of outside experts that the FDA sometimes convenes when it requires additional expertise before reaching a decision, such as whether or not to approve a drug or device or update an existing product’s label.

What is an FDA Adcom?

How often does FDA go against advisory panel?

Each FDA committee must be renewed by the agency every two years, or its charter automatically expires. Renewals must be approved by the FDA commissioner or a designated appointing official.

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