How do I access my D-Link NAS?

How do I access my D-Link NAS?


  1. Connect to the D-Link NAS device using its IP address in a web browser. Enter username and password. Select Configuration. As alternative option, use the DNS Easy Search utility program from D-Link.
  2. Go to Advanced -> Network Access. D-Link 323 (v1.09) D-Link 343 Firmware (v1.
  3. Under Network Access Settings:

How do I access my D Link DNS-323?

The simplest way to access your DNS-323 is to use theEasy Search Utility provided on the CD-ROM. Thiswill automatically detect any DNS-323 devices on your network,allow you to set up network drives in Windows, perform basicconfiguration and access the web configuration interface.

How do I reset my DNS 320?

To factory reset the DNS-320L locate the small hole on the bottom of the machine marked “reset”. After the DNS-320L has been powered on for at least one minute insert an unfolded paper clip or tiny screw driver in the hole. Push gently until you feel a click and then hold for 10 seconds. Then release the button.

How do I access DNS-323?

How do I setup my D Link DNS-323?

Your setup may look slightly different.

  1. Configure the DNS-323 for access from your network.
  2. Go to Setup > Device.
  3. Browse into the DNS-323 using Windows Explorer and create the directory structure you wish to use.
  4. Log into the DNS-323 configuration pages and go to Advanced > Users.
  5. Go to Advanced > Network Access.

How do I reset my Dlink Share Center?

To hard reset your NAS Storage device, you can reset the NAS by press the RESET button or use the reset function in NAS web interface.

  1. Make sure the NAS is well connected to the internet.
  2. Use an unfolded paperclip to press and hold the RESET button for at least 20 seconds and wait until the LED turn green.

How do I reset my Dlink 320 DNS?

What is the dns-321’s default IP address?

If a DHCP server is not available, the DNS-321 will set an IP address of with a subnet mask of and will periodically search for a DHCP server on the network. Static IP(Assign a Fixed IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway IP Address, DNS1 and DNS2)

What is the difference between the dns-321 and dns-323?

DNS-321 The DNS-321 is often considered the little brother of the DNS-323. It has a slightly slower CPU (400 vs 500), no USB port, but it does have more flash (16mb vs 8mb). Here is some info gathered from a unit with hardware version A2 running firmware 1.03.

How do I install splitdns323fw?

1. Install the splitdns323fw package. 2. Then download the 1.03 FW package from D-Link: 3. Unzip it. Then split the firmware (in the directory you unzipped it): 4. If kermit is not installed do it now: 5.

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