How do I extend my Roomba battery life?

How do I extend my Roomba battery life?

Here are some battery maintenance tips to extend battery life and keep Roomba® cleaning at peak performance:

  1. Only use iRobot batteries.
  2. Use your robot frequently.
  3. Keep your robot plugged in when not in use.
  4. Ensure that your robot is charged and is in a cool, dry place.
  5. Keep your robot clean.

Can you upgrade Roomba battery?

iRobot® XLife™ Extended Life Battery delivers twice as many cleaning cycles as the iRobot Advanced Power System battery, doubling the time before a replacement may be necessary. * Compatible with Create 2, Scooba 450 and Roomba 500 & 700 Series, as well as the 870, 880, and select 600* Series robots.

What happens when Roomba runs out of battery?

If you now have the problem that the battery is completely empty and you want to try one of these points, you have to recharge your Roomba first. To do this, you can either manually dock it to the base station or, if it still has some juice left, press its Home or Dock button to go to the docking station on its own.

Can I use a lithium battery in my Roomba?

Compatible with Roomba 960 and the following 600 and 800 series robots: Roomba 614, 615, 640, 652, 665, 670, 671, 675, 677, 680, 685, 690, 695, 801, 805, 850, 860, 877, 890, 891, and 895. Lithium Ion 1800 Battery may ship only ground.

Why does my Roomba keep dying?

The problem may simply be that the battery is too hot. Allow the robot to cool after use, and then attempt to charge it again. Another charging problem occurs when the Roomba seems to be fully charged but shuts down shortly into the cleaning cycle. Try charging directly from the power supply instead of the home base.

How many times a week should I run my Roomba?

It’s really up to you. We would recommend four to seven times a week. If you live in a big house with mainly carpeted areas, it’s better to clean more frequently. Pet owners should also clean their homes every day to remove excessive fur shedding.

Can a Roomba replace a vacuum?

In short, we wouldn’t recommend replacing an existing vacuum with a robot vacuum completely, as whether you have hard floors or carpets, they are unlikely to get a regular thorough clean, and areas that sit beneath narrow furniture may not get cleaned at all.

Does Roomba work in the dark?

The Roomba does not do well in darkness. As a matter of fact, even low light can make it get lost. It’s not hard to turn on a light or so — doesn’t have to be full bright.

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