How do I look up a US patent number?

How do I look up a US patent number?

If you know the patent number use either Google Patents or the USPTO website to find the patent. Enter the patent number without commas and when using the USPTO website the patent number must be seven numbers in length (add preceding zero’s if necessary).

How do I use Espacenet?

Use Espacenet’s wildcard feature to find plurals and other variants….Using keywords

  1. Open Espacenet.
  2. Enter your search string in the Smart search bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the magnifying glass icon to the right and in a few seconds you will see a result list.

Where can I find European patents?

Global Dossier is available via the European Patent Register and Espacenet.

Can you search patents by name?

Patents Issued AFTER 1976 Go to the USPTO’s online database. Choose the Issued Patents (as opposed to Published Applications) Quick Search. In the right pull-down field menu, select “Assignee Name” if searching for company name or “Inventor Name” if searching for Inventor name.

How do I know if a European patent is granted?

Legal status information (i.e. where and whether a patent is valid) for European and Euro-PCT applications is available via the EPO’s free online European Patent Register, where you can also access the publicly available parts of the application file, including the grant stage (and including any opposition/appeal …

How long do European patents last?

20 years
The maximum term of a European patent is 20 years from its filing date. The patent may lapse earlier if the annual renewal fees are not paid or if the patent is revoked by the patentee or after opposition proceedings.

How long does a EU patent last?

A European patent is valid until it is granted. Once granted, it will then be validated in its member states. A European registered Community design (RCD) is valid for a period of 5 years and can be renewed for a maximum period of 25 years, 5 years at a time.

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