How do I select multiple albums in iTunes?

How do I select multiple albums in iTunes?

I see from your post that you’re wondering how you can select multiple albums in the Music app and use the Get Info option of these albums. If you want to select multiple items to edit their information in Music, you need to press and hold the Command (⌘) and click each item you want to select.

How do I create multiple albums on my iPhone?

You can also create folders to contain multiple albums….Organize albums in folders

  1. Tap Albums, then tap .
  2. Choose New Folder.
  3. Name the folder, then tap Save.
  4. Open the folder, tap Edit, then tap. to create a new album or folder inside the folder.

Why has iTunes split up my albums?

What iTunes does is sort the music library according to Artist’s name. If there are multiple artists in a single album or if the album is a compilation, then iTunes or Apple Music sorts out them by splitting the tracks into individual albums. As a result, many albums are created with only one or two songs in them.

What is difference between album and folder on iPhone?

Albums allow you to add pictures to categorize group them together, while creating a folder will allow you to store multiple albums in one place. You can choose to keep your photos organized however you want to.

Does syncing iPod delete everything?

All the content on your iPod is at stake, because syncing it with another computer will erase everything.

How do I delete songs from my iPod but not my iTunes Library?

Delete songs from iPod/iPod touch but still keep on computer: Connect your iPod to computer > Run iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically > Click the device mark of your iPod > Click Summary > Check Manually Music and Videos in Options Column > Click Music at On My Device Column > Right click the songs you want to …

How do I add multiple songs to Apple Music Library?

Answer: A: Answer: A: Ctrl-A should select all tracks in a playlist. Right-click > Add to Library should add any that haven’t currently been added to your iCloud Music Library.

How do I select multiple songs in my iTunes Library?

In iTunes, select Songs view under the Library tab. Select your first song. Hold down Shift and additionally highlight the last song you want to add to select a bunch of songs in a row, or hold down Command to select multiple discrete songs.

How do I organize albums in photos?

Head to the “photos” tab on your albums, type in what you’re looking to organize into the search icon (like names of cities, dates, etc.) and it will pull any matching pictures. Hit the “select” button and hold and drag down on the photos to select them all at once. Then, add them into their corresponding album.

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