How do you calculate mileage in DTS?

How do you calculate mileage in DTS?

If you normally drive to work: DTS subtracts the number of one-way miles you usually commute (entered in step 4 on previous page) before multiplying by the mileage rate. Example: You normally drive 5 miles one-way to and from work. Today, you drove from home to an alternate work location 12 miles away.

What is the DOD mileage rate?

The monetary allowance in lieu of transportation rate is $. 22/mile per authorized POV….

Current Local and TDY Travel Mileage Rates
POV Rate Per Mile Effective Date
Automobile (if no Government owned vehicle is available) $0.625 1 Jul 2022

How do I calculate travel miles?

The current standard mileage rate is 58.5 cents per mile. To find your reimbursement, you multiply the number of miles by the rate: [miles] * [rate], or 175 miles * $0.585 = $102.4.

How do I complete DTS after travel?

Upon completion of your FUNDED travel authorization/orders you must file a travel voucher/claim within 5 days of return. Click on Official Travel; Select ‘Vouchers’ you will see a hyperlink ‘Create New Voucher from Authorization’. Select the appropriate trip to create the voucher against.

How do you log mileage on taxes?

At the start of each trip, record the odometer reading and list the purpose, starting location, ending location, and date of the trip. At the conclusion of the trip, the final odometer must be recorded and then subtracted from the initial reading to find the total mileage for the trip.

What is the mileage claim?

Mileage Allowance Relief (MAR) is a tax deduction for employees that have incurred business mileage and are not fully reimbursed by their employer. Keep in mind that different rules apply if you use a company car.

Do you need gas receipts for DTS?

Include one legible copy or the original receipt for any additional authorized expense that is $75 or more. If small items of expense, such as gas, tolls, or parking charges are lumped together and exceed $75, show the individual breakdown of expenses on the voucher.

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