How do you get to the clock in Epic Mickey 2?

How do you get to the clock in Epic Mickey 2?

Boost Oswald and he will fix the clock. Talk to The Conductor and he will give you the Mean Street Conductor Pin. Jump back on the luggage and now Oswald will boost you. Get to the clock, kick it until the time reads 4:30 (about 6 times).

How do you get to the Floatyard in Epic Mickey 2?

Look for the ledge up to the left of the animal face (with the giant nose), paint it in, and get up there. Push the ladybug float down to the ground and onto the empty power pad. Have Oswald zap the screen by the turtle to get the floats moving and open up a new path.

How do I fix the train station in OsTown?

OsTown. The Conductor tells Mickey that the quakes have collapsed the Train Station and he needs Mickey’s help to stretch it back into shape, and paint it. Jump up on the very top of the roof and use the Fairy Sketch to raise the roof up, then paint the whole place and speak to the Conductor again to get a reward.

Where is the gremlin in Autotopia Epic Mickey 2?

Gremlin Stuffus – In Autotopia, in the first area where the projector screens are. Look for a grove of trees across from an orange car. Thin out the tops of the trees to create a ledge Mickey can jump up to, and find the Gremlin.

How do you beat animatronic in Prescott?

Simply thin all the armor off of him, then when he shoots a fireball, spin attack it right back at him. When the mech tries to suck M&O towards the spiky bar, run the opposite direction.

How do I fix the bog easy train station?

Approach the wooden platform next to the train station and let Oswald do his thing to power it up. Now use the TV sketch to lure the train conductor to the station. This is easier if the TV sketch upgrade has been purchased (can be found in the Bog Easy shop).

How do you open the gate in Bog Easy?

Deal with the replicator in the same manner as the first one (its in the tree) and then finish off all the Beetleworx. Move into the Boathouse and jump over the crocs. Grab one of the levers on the side and wait for Oswald to grab the other then pull to open the door.

How do you fix the train station in Epic Mickey 2?

Speak to the train conductor in the station next to the TV station. He’ll moan about the station being blocked by debris, and suggest using an anvil to clear it. Get the anvil sketch from Tiki Sam’s shop, then return and drop one on the debris. Speak to the train conductor again to get a pin.

Is the mad doctor Russian?

Description. The Mad Doctor is an insane scientist with a Russian accent and a habit to sing rather than talk. The Doctor used to live in a large haunted castle, in which he had installed a laboratory.

How do you open garage in Autotopia?

Autotopia: Rebuilding Autotopia You’ll first need to head to the northeast region of Autotopia. You’ll find a Gremlin who needs access to his garage. Thin out the control box to reveal a pad for Oswald to reprogram. This opens the garage.

Is there a Disney Epic Mickey 2 game?

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is an Action-Adventure Platforming game set in the Disney themed gameworld of Wasteland. The game utilizes the same open-ended, environment-manipulating play mechanics of the original Disney Epic Mickey to create a unique experience that lets players create their own paths through game levels.

Is there a power of two for Epic Mickey?

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (originally titled Epic Mickey: The Power of 2 in Europe) is a sequel to the video game Epic Mickey. It was announced on August 27, 2011, when Disney marketing polls revealed four potential covers and some working titles. The game features co-op, with Mickey and Oswald.

What color is the clock tower in Epic Mickey?

In Epic Mickey, the Clock Tower has been colored in. The original one at Disneyland is white and gets lit up by lights during special events. In Epic Mickey , it is also lit up by the light reflecting from the river of Thinner.

What is the first boss in Epic Mickey?

The Clock Tower is the first boss in Epic Mickey. Having originated as the outer fa├žade of “It’s a Small World”, Wasteland has a living version as a friendly resident of Gremlin Village; but he went insane because of the “It’s a Small World” playing over and over and over, as well as the Blot’s attacks prior to the events of the game.

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