How do you put typist initials on a business letter?

How do you put typist initials on a business letter?

Typist initials go near the end of your business letter but before any enclosures, and they include initials for both the writer of the content and the typist. The initials of the business letter’s writer go first, in capital letters, followed by a colon or slash mark, then the typist’s initials in lowercase.

When would typist initials be included in a letter?

The typist’s initials are one of the last elements of the business letter. They include the initials of the letter’s writer in all caps, followed by a slash mark or colon, and then the initials of the typist in lower case.

What are the initials at the bottom of a business letter?

Business letters are often concluded by the inclusion of reference initials. These initials are designed to serve as a reference regarding the writer of the letter, the signer and the typist. Many companies require the use of reference initials on all business letters; others do not.

How do you write typist initials?

Type the initials of the letter writer in capital letters, followed by a slash or colon. Add the typist’s initials in lowercase letters. For example, if the letter writer’s name is Andrew Benson, and the typist’s name is Carrie Dale, the typist line should appear as follows: AB/cd, or AB:cd.

Does CC go before initials?

Reasons to Use CC at the Bottom of a Formal Letter With a formal typed letter, this is possible by including a carbon copy notation at the end of your message. After your enclosure section, type the notation CC followed by a colon. Next, include the name of the person you’re sending the letter to.

Where do you put CC on a letter?

The CC section of a written business letter is found at the bottom of the page. When you use email, the CC section is found in the address header. But even in emails, official business letters will often include the CC section at the bottom of the body of the letter.

Is it C or CC in a letter?

This alternative etymology explains the frequent usage of “c:” when only one recipient is listed, while “cc:” is used for two or more recipients of the copies. This etymology can also explain why, even originally, “cc:” was used to list recipients who received typed copies and not necessarily carbon copies.

How do you write initials examples?

Initials are the capital letters which begin each word of a name. For example, if your full name is Michael Dennis Stocks, your initials will be M. D. S.

Is it CC or CC in a letter?

Some people now refer to c.c. as courtesy copy – whatever that means. You only need one “c.” Keep in mind the rules for abbreviations. If you are using lower case letters, you need to add periods: c. However, if your abbreviation is in capital letters – except for a few exceptions – there is no need for a period.

How do you put cc in a letterhead?


  1. Step 1: Follow format Follow a proper letter format when you write your letter.
  2. Step 2: After signature Under your signature, type cc.
  3. TIP: CC can be in lower or upper case.
  4. Step 3: Put the first name Type the first addressee’s name next to “cc,” and type the names of the other addressees below it.

Where do you put cc on letter?

Carbon Copies pdf version of a letter that you attach to an email, you’d add the cc abbreviation at the bottom of the letter, after your closing and signature, along with the names and, when appropriate, titles of everybody else who receives a copy.

How do you write full name initials?

Generally, you use the first letter of your first and the first letter of your last name as your initials, but you can also include the first letter of your middle name or maiden name, or more than one letter from one of the names (e.g. someone with the last name DiAmico using both D and A).

How do you correctly write cc?

carbon copy (def. 1). verb (used with object), cc’ed or cc’d, cc·’ing. to send a duplicate of a document, email, or the like to: I always cc my boss when I write a memo to my staff.

How do you put CC in a letterhead?

What is the correct way to write a business letter?


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  • What are reference initials in a business letter?

    “It is hereby announced that the INP does not issue the aforementioned letters,” the note reads. The institution goes on to warn the business community and society in general that no such letters can be required as a requirement for the tenders in question.

    How to write better business letters?

    – In general, it’s wise to keep the body of your business letter direct and brief. – Explain why you are writing in your first paragraph, – Provide more specifics in the next paragraph, and – Use your closing paragraph to reiterate your reason for writing – Thank the recipient for reading, and possibly mention follow-up plans

    When would typist initials be used in a letter?

    Typist initials are made use of to indicate the individual who entered the letter. If you typed the letter yourself, leave out the typist initials. When creating organization letters, you have to pay unique attention to the layout and typeface utilized. One of the most typical design of an organization letter is referred to as block layout.

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