How do you rage Siri?

How do you rage Siri?

If you want to upset Siri, comment on her voice. Say something like, “Siri, I don’t like your voice.” Then, wait for the generated response.

What does Avada Kedavra do in Siri?

In 2018, a Reddit user shared a number of wizarding spells that your iPhone can do, including ‘Avada Kedavra’. ‘Avada Kedavra’ essentially ‘kills’ your phone by lowering the brightness and switching the settings to airplane mode. It is a tool of the Dark Arts, after all.

Did you know Siri has hidden’easter eggs’?

SIRI-OUSLY! SIRI is great for answering everyday questions for iPhone users, but did you know the virtual assistant also has lots of hidden ‘Easter eggs’? Apple users can try out the jokey hidden features themselves, just try asking Siri some of the questions below. Any device that Siri is on should have the ‘Easter eggs’ programmed in.

What are Siri’s ‘Easter eggs’?

In the tech world, ‘Easter eggs’ are a term for a hidden surprise that can be unlocked or accessed on your device. Apple’s AI assistant, Siri, comes packed with plenty of quirky hidden features – here are seven Easter eggs to look for. And, of course, Siri, which launched in 2011, is not exempt from this experience.

What can you ask Siri?

If you have been wondering when the world is going to end, then Siri has some commentary for you. Just ask the virtual assistant for its thoughts on the topic, and marvel at its witty (and reassuring) replies. 5. Ask Siri for some pick-up lines

Can I tell Siri a joke?

If you’re bored or want to try and impress a friend, Siri can treat you to jokes, poetry, riddles and more. Siri isn’t the finest comedian but the virtual assistant knows a few standard ‘Dad jokes’. Hey Siri, why did the chicken cross the road? Hey Siri, knock knock. Hey Siri, tell me a joke.

When you say 17 to Siri what happens?

In reality, the hack doesn’t work and if you do tell Siri “17,” you will unwittingly be calling for emergency services. According to the Siri user guide, iPhones automatically call the local emergency number no matter what emergency number you say.

What happens if you ask Siri to divide 0 by 0?

“What is zero divided by zero?” If you ask Siri this question in the iOS 8 operating system, the iPhone’s virtual assistant will cleverly tell you that you’re making no sense. “Imagine that you have zero cookies,” Siri’s response begins, “and you split them evenly among zero friends.

How do you make Siri creepy laugh?

Did you know that you can make Siri laugh? You don’t have to tell her a joke, you just need to use a special ‘nickname’ and then listen to Siri try to pronounce it. This guy did it, and the results are hilarious, and honestly, a little bit creepy.

What is Siri’s secret code?

To try out the Konami code on your iPhone, you’ll first need to utter Sir’s wake phrase: “Hey Siri”. Next, list off the Konami code: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A. Reciting it to her will trigger one of three responses: “Cheater!”, “Nerd.” or “I’m getting dizzy…”

Can Siri do Harry Potter spells?

There are three enchantments waiting and ready to be used with Siri: Lumos, which turns on your torch; Nox, which turns it off again; and Accio, which opens an app. While these spells are primarily just a fun feature, they do have their uses.

What does Siri do if you say 14?

If you do not know what does “Hey Siri 14” do, then you must know that saying 14 to Siri on your iPhone sets up a call to the emergency services. However, a person has three seconds to hang up the call.

What happens when you say 100 to Siri?

Siri has a lot of useful functions, but is thwarting kidnap one of them? Well, no, probably not, but if you ask Siri to “charge my phone 100 percent” then it automatically starts calling the emergency services, giving you a 5-second window to cancel the call.

What happens when you ask Siri to define mother?

Say yes, and Siri will tell you that the word “mother” is short for “motherf—-r.” According to the Reddit users, whose findings were earlier reported on by Gizmodo, the second definition is available on any iPhone, Mac, or other Apple product they queried Siri on.

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