How long does it take to craft Meister ring?

How long does it take to craft Meister ring?

As a Master/Meister, your Mastery is slowly reduced and can even level you back down to level 10 (the limit). You must craft at least one item per 24 hours in order to prevent losing Mastery at Master/Meister level.

What is magic Emerstone for Maplestory?

Magic Emerstone A stone imbued with powerful magic. It’s crucial for imbuing accessories with a special power and can be used by an Accessory Craftsman or Accessory Crafting Meister.

What is twisted time used for?

Used for making powerful equipment and potions.

How do you get a Meister ring in MapleStory?


  1. Twisted Time x 800.
  2. Superior Abrasive x 50.
  3. Mana Crystal x 100.
  4. Philosopher’s Stone x 35.
  5. Primal Essence x 1.
  6. Grand Spell Essence x 150.

How do you make Meister earrings?

Meister Earring Recipe

  1. Twisted Time x 600.
  2. Superior Abrasive x 50.
  3. Mana Crystal x 100.
  4. Philosopher’s Stone x 35.
  5. Confusion Fragment x 10.
  6. Grand Spell Essence x 150.

What is piece of time used for Maplestory?

Used for making powerful equipment.

What profession should I learn Maplestory?

The two most important professions are Herbalism and Mining. This is because in order to Smith, Craft, or do Alchemy, you need to get the base materials which Herbalism and Mining will get you.

How do you turn off the Meister effect in MapleStory?

First off, you may notice that your character has an effect following you around. This is the Meister Effect, and each profession has one. If you would like to disable or re-enable it, you can open up the Profession Tab with the Key Bind and toggle it on and off there.

What profession should I learn MapleStory?

What does KS mean in Maplestory?

ks: Shorthand for ‘Kill-Steal’. Refers to hunting monsters in a map someone else is using.

Can pink holy Cup have potential?

This equipment cannot gain Potential. This equipment is a Boss Reward, granting it additional Bonus Stats compared to normal equipment.

Where can I buy Meister cubes?

Phantom Forest Treasure Chest

Meister’s Cube
Max per slot 100
Rewarded from Phantom Forest Treasure Chest
Tradability Tradable within the same world
Sold for 1 meso

How do you get the blooming maple medal?

When all flowers have bloomed, you will receive the Blooming Maple medal! Make sure to click the medal button on the Blossoming Flower UI to claim the item. The medal will be untradeable once claimed. Please make sure you claim it on the character you would like to receive the medal on.

What does F3 mean in Maplestory?

Social Terms

Term Definition
F3 I don’t care…
F4 Sad…
F5 Angry!!!

What does ATT mean in Maplestory?

ago. Additional comment actions. ATT% multiplies your weapon attack by that amount. That’s from all sources, so your actual weapon, plus any weapon attack stats on accessories etc. This does show up in your range on your character sheet.

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