How many MM is a GT35R turbo?

How many MM is a GT35R turbo?

Garrett’s legendary GT35R is one of the longest-running and most successful dual ball-bearing turbochargers of all time. Part of Garrett’s GT Series, the GT3582R uses the high flow 82mm GT compressor wheel. Compressor housing is GT35 style with 4″ inlet and 2.5″ outlet and built-in anti-surge machining.

How big is a GTX3582R turbo?

Turbocharged 1.9L Honda Civic Makes 785 Horsepower With GTX3582R Gen II. Time Attack competitors are always chasing more horsepower while trying to maintain reliability and a useable power-band.

How big is a Garrett GTX3582R?

32 × 32 × 32 cm
Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 cm

What MM is a GTX3582R?

New GTX3582R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel and featuring Garrett 11-Blade technology. 750HP potential flow. Specs: Compressor Wheel Inducer: 62.5mm.

How do you read a Turbochart chart?

How To Read A Compressor Map – Turbo Tech

  1. Pressure Ratio. The pressure ratio along the X-axis represents the boost you intend to run.
  2. Airflow. The Y-axis represents airflow in pounds per minute.
  3. Efficiency Island.
  4. Wheel Efficiency.
  5. Surge Limit.
  6. Overspin Choke.
  7. Compressor Wheel Speed.

What size is a Garrett gtx3582?

The Garrett GEN2 GTX3582R fits turbine housings for Garrett GT35 and GTX35 series turbochargers with a 68mm inducer and 84 trim turbine wheel.

Is higher turbo PSI better?

The pressure is referred to as boost and expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI). A turbocharger may be able to move enough air than the engine can use even at low pressures thereby causing an instant boost that impacts power. The greater the turbo boost pressure, the greater the engine power.

What are the features of the GT 35R?

Garrett GT 35R Features 1 Supports Up To 675 Horse Power 2 Original GT Series Aerodynamics 3 Internally Wastegated Turbine Housing 4 Non-Wastegated Turbine Housings Available 5 Ball Bearing Configurations with Water Cooled CHRA 6 V-Band Turbine Housing Options Available More

How much HP does a gt35r turbo support?

These incredibly efficient turbochargers are rated up to 62 lbs. airflow and support up to 620 HP . Repeated dyno tests have proven the GT35R’s boost response is far quicker than any K27 or hybrid “HiFlow” turbocharger. “Turbocharger response is excellent. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

What size Turbo does the gtx3576r have?

ENTER THE GTX3576R This turbo uses a 11 blade billet compressor wheelmounted in the 35R frame size turbo in a ball bearing CHRA housing. The specs of the turbo are as follows:

What are the specs of the new Garrett turbo?

The specs of the turbo are as follows: Compressor Wheel -Inducer 58 mm -Exducer 76.6 mm -Trim 58 Turbine Wheel -Inducer 68 mm -Trim 84 A CLOSER LOOK AND EVALUATION On paper this combination was bound to happen at Garrett.

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