How many sales did PlayStation 3 have?

How many sales did PlayStation 3 have?

Sony’s third generation console, the PlayStation 3, was first released worldwide in 2006. As of April 2022, it had sold 87.41 million units across the world, including almost 35 million units in Europe.

How many copies has Madden NFL sold?

130 million copies
Madden NFL (known as John Madden Football until 1993) is an American football video game series developed by EA Tiburon for EA Sports. It is named after Pro Football Hall of Fame coach and commentator John Madden and sold more than 130 million copies by 2018.

What was the last year Madden was made for PS3?

Madden NFL 17 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2016)

How much did Sony lose on the PS3?

With a suggested retail price of $499, that would mean Sony is taking a loss of $306.85 on each console it sells. The differential for the 60G-byte model is less, with the cost exceeding the price tag by $241.35.

How many PS3 were sold in the first year?

PlayStation 3 hardware sales figures Only 3.68 million were sold, falling short of that mark. The Japan launch was delayed from a “promised” Spring 2006 release to November due to finalization of the Blu-Ray specification.

How many copies did Madden 08 sell?

4.5 million copies
Madden NFL 08 has sold 4.5 million copies. It is also the last game in the series to include all 6 NFL Europa teams, as the league folded after its 2007 season.

Did Madden 22 sell well?

This year’s Madden 22 did well, too, and the series continues to be the best-selling sports franchise of all time. The critics come from a vocal minority, but a minority whose job it is to be extraordinarily vocal.

Why did Sony lose money on the PS3?

Sony has to be celebrating somewhere, as news has reached us that the company is no longer losing money on the PlayStation 3 hardware. This news comes after multiple console revisions over the past four years to cut the cost of the console.

Did PS3 sell more than 360?

The PS3 eventually outsold the Xbox 360 to claim second place, but the result was a bit too close for comfort. Sony’s console, with its various iterations, sold around 87.4 million units, while estimated sales for the 360 range from 80-86 million units.

How many PS3 were sold in USA?

PlayStation 3 hardware sales figures

Worldwide sales
Region Units sold
Worldwide 35.95 (May 2010)
United States 6,790,000 (January 2009)
Japan 3,093,519 (April 2009)

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