How old is Dave Bartram Showaddywaddy?

How old is Dave Bartram Showaddywaddy?

70 years (March 23, 1952)Dave Bartram / Age

Where does Dave Bartram live now?

Dave Bartram, from Leicester and now living in Nottinghamshire, said he tested positive on 20 January, and “for a month it has been debilitating”.

How old is the lead singer of Showaddywaddy?

The 68-year-old told the BBC that after testing positive, he “collapsed on the sofa and was out cold for a few hours and it was like that on a daily basis for five days”. Cathy, his wife, also tested positive for coronavirus in January.

Why did Bartram leave Showaddywaddy?

“I’d always said that once my passion for performing started to dwindle, I would stop, and in 2011 I quit after a gig I didn’t enjoy.

Where is Showaddywaddy from?

Leicester, United KingdomShowaddywaddy / Origin

Who fronted Showaddywaddy?

singer Dave Bartram
Between 1974 and 1982, Showaddywaddy – then fronted by lead singer Dave Bartram – enjoyed 10 top five hits, including chart-topping Under the Moon of Love in 1976. Donning teddy boy outfits, they specialised in cover versions of classic hits from the 1950s and 1960s.

Who manages Showaddywaddy?

After 38 years fronting Showaddywaddy, Dave Bartram decided to step down in 2011, performing his last gig in Ilkley, West Yorkshire on 3rd December. Despite no longer leading the band on stage, Dave still manages the band’s affairs, and has even made the occasional stage appearance since stepping down.

Are there any original members of Showaddywaddy?

One of the original members of the Leicester band Showaddywaddy has died aged 64, following a long illness. Bill “Buddy Gask” spent 14 years with the Teddy Boy-styled group and sang lead vocals on the band’s first hit single Hey Rock ‘n’ Roll in 1974.

Was Dion Dublin dad in Showaddywaddy?

Throughout his career Dublin’s father was rumoured to have been Showaddywaddy’s drummer, although in 2004 he told there was no truth in the issue. “It began as a joke and seems to have become part of football folklore,” he said. “That wasn’t my dad.”

Who is Eddie Dublin?

Eddie Dublin is an actor, known for The Cross (2018).

Who is Dion Dublins dad?

Eddie DublinDion Dublin / Father

How old is Dion Dublin?

53 years (April 22, 1969)Dion Dublin / Age

Is Dion Dublin a Nigerian?

Dion Dublin (born 22 April 1969) is an English television presenter and former footballer. Born in Leicester and of Nigerian descent, he was capped four times for England. Dublin started his career as a centre back with Norwich City, but made his name at Cambridge United as a centre-forward.

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