How to install BC math php extension?

How to install BC math php extension?

How to install the bcmath extension in CentOS

  1. Install with the cli. You can install the bcmath extension with the command line via yum: yum install php-bcmath.
  2. Restart apache/httpd service. After installing the extension, you need to restart the apache service using the following command: service httpd restart.

How do I enable BCMath extension in PHP?

Install BCMath Extension in PHP – Windows Open your active php. ini and look for the line extension=php_bcmath. dll. If that line is commented with ; at the start then you just need to remove that ; and restart apache will load this BCMath extension with PHP.

What is PHP BCMath?

BCMath is set of PHP functions that allow to you to use Arbitrary-precision arithmetic. This package is basically going to be a wrapper for these functions so that they can be used in an object oriented way. The class will allow you to input certain values and run one of the BCMath commands.

How do I know what PHP extensions are installed on CentOS?

If your server only has a single PHP version installed, you can run this PHP command anywhere, and it will give you the same list of modules. The general command we will be using is php -m. This command will give you the full list of installed PHP modules/extensions.

How do I enable PHP extension in Fileinfo?

Windows users must include bundled php_fileinfo. dll DLL file in php. ini to enable this extension. The libmagic library can be bundled with PHP but include PHP specific changes.

How do I enable PHP Fileinfo extension in WHM?

Install from WHM

  1. Log into WHM as root.
  2. Type ‘easy’ into the search field in the top left of WHM.
  3. Under the Software category, click on EasyApache 4.
  4. In the Currently Installed Packages section, click on the Customize button.
  5. Click on the PHP Extensions option from the left.
  6. In the Search field, type to enter ‘fileinfo’.

How do I check if PHP extensions are enabled?

How to check extensions loaded or not by PHP?

  1. If you want details information, you can use php -i to get phpinfo(); response.
  2. Run below command to check all loaded extensions by PHP: php -r “print_r(get_loaded_extensions());”
  3. Check specific extensions whether extension is installed or not.

What is Fileinfo PHP extension?

Advertisements. FileInfo functions module can try to guess a content type and encoding of a file by looking for certain magic byte sequences at a specific position within a file. While it’s not a bulletproof approach, the heuristics used to do a very good job.

How do I enable selected PHP version in WHM?

1) Login to the WHM of your server. 2) Navigate to “Software” section in WHM. 3) Select “MultiPHP Manager” from the software section in WHM. 4) In the “MultiPHP Manager” by scrolling down you can see the option to set php version per domain from there you can see the list of domains hosted on your server.

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