Is APS a government company?

Is APS a government company?

Ownership & Politics. ​APS is owned by Pinnacle West Corporation, a publicly traded, for-profit company.

What does Arizona Public Service do?

Arizona Public Service Company is the largest electric utility in Arizona and the subsidiary of publicly-traded S&P 500 member Pinnacle West Capital Corporation. The utility provides power for nearly 1.2 million customers in 11 of the state’s 15 counties.

Is SRP a government agency?

The name, Rio Salado Project – “Rio Salado” is Spanish for “Salt River” – used to refer to the improvement projects along the Salt River through the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, is not related to SRP….Salt River Project.

Type Association: Utility cooperative District: Government-owned corporation

Is SRP a private company?

SRP is one of the largest utility companies in the state and is considered a quasi-governmental agency because it operates as both a private, for-profit company and a political subdivision of the state.

Is an APS an LLC?

Anpartsselskab (Danish pronunciation: [ˈænpʰɑtsselˌskɛˀp]; ApS) is the Danish term for a private limited company.

What is a demand charge APS?

The demand charge is a monthly fee that you pay as part of the cost of maintaining the electric utility’s infrastructure required to deliver electricity to your building. On each month’s bill, the demand charge amount is based on how high your energy use measured in kilowatts (kW) peaked during the month.

Who regulates SRP in Arizona?

the board of directors
SRP is governed by the board of directors. The utility managers don’t meet privately with board members 11 times in eight years, as Pierce did with the APS chief executive; they meet much more often.

What is an ApS entity?

Adult Protective Services (APS) is the state entity charged with investigating all reports of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation of older persons (65+) or an adult (18+) with a disability who do not reside in long-term care facilities pursuant to the Disabled Adults and Elder Persons Protection Act, O.C.G.A.

What does ApS stand for in company name?

Anpartsselskab (Danish pronunciation: [ˈænpʰɑtsselˌskɛˀp]; ApS) is the Danish term for a private limited company. ApS, when appended to the end of a Danish company name, is similar to Ltd. after the name of a British company.

Why is my APS bill negative?

If your account balance shows a negative number, you have a credit on your account which will apply to upcoming bills until it is depleted. When there is a credit on your account, no payment is due.

How do demand charges work?

Does the Arizona Corporation Commission regulate SRP?

Does the ACC Regulate SRP? No. The Salt River Project (SRP) is not under the jurisdiction of the Corporation Commission for rates, rules and regulations.

Is SRP Public or private?

private company
Operating revenues were $2.7 billion. Because SRP is a private company, the compensation information for its President, David Rousseau, is unavailable to the public….Salt River Project.

Type Public-Private Partnership
Area served AZ
Key people John M. Williams Jr., President
Industry Electric Producer & Utility Water Management & Utility

What is the Arizona Department of Public Safety?

There is no greater responsibility bestowed upon Government than the duty of protecting and serving its citizens. In Arizona, it is the Department of Public Safety (DPS) that finds itself at the forefront of this duty. This responsibility is not taken lightly.

What is the public services portal?

The new website, the Public Services Portal (PSP), has been designed as a one-stop shop. The PSP website currently offers the public direct access to services, including Fingerprint Clearance, Licensing, and Records. This improved online and automated process will result in reduced wait times and easier transactions.

What is the Arizona employer safety portal?

An opportunity for employers or sponsors to log into their accounts . Allows individuals to request records or reports from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Provides individuals with an option to file a complaint against a security guard or private investigator .

Who is responsible for sending Amber Alerts in Arizona?

Phoenix — The Arizona’s Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) is responsible for sending emergency alert messages to the public in three critical areas: Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts and Blue Alerts.

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