Is Beneteau a good boat?

Is Beneteau a good boat?

The brand is trusted by thousands of boaters worldwide. Beneteau boats have shown to retain their value over time better than any other brand of boats on the water. Together with its dealer network, Beneteau has been rewarded for many years with the CSI award for its excellence in boat production and customer service.

What should I look for in a bluewater cruiser?

What to Consider in a Bluewater Cruiser

  • Hallberg-Rassy yachts like the H-R 40 are archetypal bluewater designs.
  • Fin and spade boats are perfectly capable of going blue-water.
  • Many bluewater sailors like the rudder and prop protection offered by a full keel.
  • Askeg-hung rudder (A) is less vulnerable than a spade rudder (B)

What kind of boat is the new Jeanneau 44i?

Jenneau 44i • The new Jeanneau 44i offers great sailing qualities in an innovative and comfortable cruising boat. It was our sixth and last day in the B.V.I. aboard the brand new Jeanneau/Sunsail 44i, which was hull number one in the Caribbean.

What software was used to design the 44i?

The design and engineering of the 44i were developed using Catia 3D CAD software, which allows the designers in Briand’s office and the engineers at Jeanneau to model out and spec every piece of the boat before the first layer of gel coat is laid down.

Is the 44i close winded?

The sheeting angles are tight, which is the second half of the equation that makes the 44i close winded. With a sail area-to-displacement ratio of 17.9, the 44i in cruising mode is not over canvassed but equipped with enough horsepower to sail nicely and easily in a wide range of conditions.

What kind of Helms does a 44i have?

As is de rigueur today, the 44i has twin helms. Behind them, both the cockpit sole and seat are radiused to give the helmsman purchase when sailing. The seats open to reveal deep cockpit lockers, and additional stowage is provided in a shallow locker under the port cockpit bench.

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