Is INTP the rarest personality type?

Is INTP the rarest personality type?

INTP is one of the less common types in the population, especially for women. Among women, INTP is the fourth rarest type (after INTJ, ENTJ, and INFJ). INTPs make up: 3% of the general population.

What do INTPs do for fun?

INTPs are often stereotyped as lazy, but that doesn’t stop many INTPs from enjoying very active hobbies. Hiking, running, kayaking, bicycling, rock climbing, and weightlifting are just a few examples of active hobbies that INTPs may enjoy.

What are INTPs most likely to do?

Out of all the introverted personality groups, the INTP is the most likely to get married. People with an INTP personality are more likely to enjoy being paired with an idealist more than any other group. 8 out of 10 people who are INTP tend to prefer working alone and doing so for a long period of time.

What are INTPs weaknesses?

A significant weakness of the INTP is the tendency to be condescending and critical, either of their opponents or those who simply don’t catch on as quickly as they do. Their constant pursuit of truth and objectivity, though admirable, can also provoke brutality and impatience as they drive home their own perspective.

What is an INTP female?

In general, INTP women are quiet, independent, and highly imaginative. They are logical thinkers but tend to view the “big picture” of things rather than fixate on small details. They’re also very spontaneous and don’t do well with a lot of structure, which sometimes frustrates others.

Are INTP toxic?

The INTPs more toxic behavior might be the way they overanalyze things, and it causes them to question motives of people when they shouldn’t. They find themselves pushing people away so that they don’t personally feel smothered or vulnerable.

How can you tell a girl is INTP?

6 Common Traits of INTP Women

  1. INTP Women Are Absent-Minded.
  2. They’re Quiet and Reserved, Even for Introverts.
  3. INTP Women Are Often Very Easygoing and Flexible.
  4. They Value Logical Thinking.
  5. INTP Women Are Fiercely Independent.
  6. They Are Creative, Imaginative, Abstract Thinkers.
  7. The Romantic Relationships of INTP Women.

Are INTP gifted?

According to a study covering 931 kids by Tracy Cross et al., INTPs are one of the most common types to be considered gifted during adolescence, others being xNxP types.

How do INTP dress?

The Eclectic Types (ENTPs and INTPs) They prefer comfortable, loose-fitting pieces of clothing, but they also know that dressing sharp can help them get the job they want or make the right impression at a social event. They also tend to enjoy clothing that resonates with something they love.

Are INTPs dark?

INTPs have what some might call a dark side, but much of it is unintentional and they typically mean well.

What Superheroes are INTP?

10 Marvel Superheroes Who Are INTPs

  1. 1 Uatu/The Watcher Has The Trademark Observational Skills Of An INTP.
  2. 2 Emma Frost Is Very Successful, Despite Having Been Introduced As A Villain.
  3. 3 Jane Foster Seeks To Understand The World Around Her.
  4. 4 Shuri Is a Genius Inventor.
  5. 5 Peter Parker/Spider-Man Relies On His Intellect.

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