Is Marple in Greater Manchester or Cheshire?

Is Marple in Greater Manchester or Cheshire?

Marple is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, Greater Manchester, England.

What is Marple famous for?

Jane Marple lives in the village of St. Mary Mead and acts as an amateur consulting detective. Often characterized as an elderly spinster, she is one of Christie’s best-known characters and has been portrayed numerous times on screen.

Is Marple a nice place to live?

Although I’ve lived in Marple Bridge for nearly 30 years, Marple is a nice place to live. There are good and not so good areas – I’m sure you can work that out for yourself. The main downside is the dreadful traffic in a morning from Marple to Stockport which is completely unpredictable.

Is Marple in the Peak District?

The Peak District countryside surrounding Marple offers many pleasant walks and rambles, there being 66 mile of public footpaths in the Urban District alone. Postwar residential development in the District has resulted in an increase in the population from 12,880 in 1950 to approximately 27,000 in the early 1990’s.

Is Marple nice to live?

What’s it like living in Marple?

Who owns Regent Marple?

Edwin Gnanaprkasam
Since 1969, Regent Cinema has been run continuously without any interruption until March 2020 when it was forced to close due to Covid. In April 2020, after running the cinema for 52 years, David Lillis decided to retire from the managerial position and handed the baton over to Edwin Gnanaprkasam.

What county is Marple in?

Cheshire as a County doesn’t exist any more. Marple is part of Stockport.

Is Marple rough?

When did Marple cinema open?

Based on the order the Lillis family (James Lillis and David Lillis) purchased the company and reopened as ‘Regent cinema’ in June 1969.

Is Marple a nice area?

Is Bramhall posh?

There’s a full range of the Manchester family brewer’s beers and lagers plus wines and cocktails and a typical pub grub menu. Great for Sky and BT Sport, not least for the City v United derby to demonstrate Bramhall’s not posh.

Who played Miss Marple the most?

1 Margaret Rutherford The first, best, and most definitive portrayal of Miss Marple belongs to Margaret Rutherford, the London-born actress who first played the part in the 1962 adaptation of The Mirror Crack’d Side to Side.

Who was Agatha Christie’s Favourite Miss Marple?

Joan Hickson
2020-01-10. The newest addition to our stellar lineup of clever and lovable female detectives is none other than Agatha Christie’s iconic spinster sleuth, Miss Marple. The 1984 BBC version starring Joan Hickson is widely considered to be the favourite adaptation of the iconic character.

Is Timperley posh?

An Identity Of Its Own. Timperley has the best of both worlds. Boasting the larger, luxurious housing seen in many Cheshire villages and the friendly communities that are so common throughout the county of Greater Manchester, Timperley has formed its own identity as a unique and desirable place to be.

Is Worsley a nice area?

Worsley is a suburban town within the City of Salford. Worsley offers scenic, leafy green spaces and is home to some great schools and an up-and-coming cafe-bar culture.

Is Altrincham rough?

Altrincham in Trafford, Greater Manchester has been named The Sunday Times’ Best Place to Live in the UK 2020. Described as ‘the ultimate turnaround town’, Altrincham was universally acknowledged as having the worst high street in Britain, The Sunday Times explains.

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