Is Ozone Park Queens a good neighborhood?

Is Ozone Park Queens a good neighborhood?

It is a generally safe neighborhood. There are a bunch of family businesses on the strip, and more populated areas tend to be a bit dirtier. The schools are okay, and there is a variety of neighbor diversity.

Is Ozone Park Queens or Brooklyn?

Ozone Park is a neighborhood in the southwestern section of the New York City borough of Queens, New York, United States. It is next to the Aqueduct Racetrack in South Ozone Park, a popular spot for Thoroughbred racing and home to the Resorts World Casino & Hotel.

What district is Ozone Park NY?

New York City District #27 is located at 82-01 Rockaway Blvd Rm 460 Ozone Park, NY providing education in Queens County.

How Safe Is Ozone Park NY?


Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Non-violent crimes per 1,000 residents
Ozone Park 14.4
Jamaica 12.4
Flushing 11.8
Rochdale 11.6

Is Ozone Park part of Jamaica?

Adjacent neighborhoods include Ozone Park to the west; Richmond Hill to the north; Jamaica, South Jamaica, and Springfield Gardens to the east; and Howard Beach and Old Howard Beach to the southwest….South Ozone Park, Queens.

South Ozone Park
City New York City
County/Borough Queens
Community District Queens 10
Population (2010)

What county is Ozone Park Queens?

Queens CountyOzone Park / County

Is Ozone Park in Queens safe?

—but everyone still wants to know if the neighborhood they’re living in (or about to live in) is safe….QUEENS.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Non-violent crimes per 1,000 residents
Woodhaven 11.4
Kew Gardens 10.9
South Ozone Park 10.7

Is South Ozone Park Queens safe?

South Ozone Park is clean and safe for the most part. The average neighborhood is affordable for middle-class income families. Safety is not the best, because there are many thefts that happen from time to time mostly at night. There are also people who disrupt the peace at night with loud music and loud car exhausts.

Is South Ozone Park a good neighborhood?

South Ozone Park is a great neighborhood to meet new people and experince great adventures. There is many parks near. There is a lot of stores near by for your needs. There is great schools and there is many exciting places to go such as the casino and aqueduct race track!

Is Middle Village Queens safe?

The neighborhood is very safe. It is a clean neighborhood. However, Middle Village is not very diverse at all. It is very quite during the night time and not very busy at all.

Is Rosedale Queens safe?

Another reason Rosedale is a great place to live in is because there is a mall at walking distance or a 5 to 10 minute drive so you have almost instant access to groceries! It is a safe neighborhood and has not had any problems between the people living there. It’s quiet and homely.

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