Is there a grace period for Cebuana Lhuillier?

Is there a grace period for Cebuana Lhuillier?

There is a 90-day grace period after the maturity date. Once the pawned item expires, it will be subjected for a public auction.

How many days can I get my money in cebuana?

It could take 5-10 days but may vary based on the claim details.

Can I claim Cebuana Lhuillier online?

You may claim the money as soon as the sender completes the remittance process in the branch! You may visit 2,500 branches nationwide and its wide network of accredited international partners. Aside from going to the branch, you can also transfer money via eCebuana App and Cebuana from Home portal.

Can I authorize someone to claim my money in Cebuana Lhuillier?

If the sending agent is one of the international tie-up partners of Cebuana Lhuillier, clients may claim their money at any branch. Can I authorize someone else to claim my money? If the receiver or beneficiary is not available to claim the money, they may advise the sender to amend the receiver’s name.

Is cebuana open on Holy Week?

Cebuana Lhuillier branches nationwide are open until 6 PM only on Maundy Thursday. They are closed on Good Friday and will resume regular operations on Black Saturday. Mall-based branches will follow mall operating hours.

Can I claim cebuana in Western Union?

This service expansion follows the July, 2020 launch of Western Union services enabling customers to send and receive money at over 2,500 Cebuana Lhuillier locations across the Philippines.

Can I ask someone to claim a remittance on my behalf?

In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and write a statement that you are authorizing your representative to claim the money on your behalf. You may include the following details: Name of the first party or authorizing person. Name of the third party or authorized representative.

What bank is cebuana 24k?

Among these benefits, the newest offering of Cebuana Lhuillier is their e-Money service. This new e-Money service makes your 24k plus card an e- wallet where you can store money used for remittance and other transactions. With this service, you can now send money to your loved ones through text.

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