Is there a kissing scene in descendants?

Is there a kissing scene in descendants?

Some people may be a little bit confused about what’s going on, but it turns out that there’s a backstory to the kiss. According to the Descendants Wiki, the two characters lock lips in the book version of Descendants 2. While the two actors evidently filmed the scene, it, unfortunately, did not make it into the movie.

Do Ben and Mal get together?

Ben and Mal are the first DCOM couple to get married.

Does Ben and Mal have a baby descendants 3?

Alice Bunny Descendants 3: Mal and Ben have a daughter!

Do Ben and Mal end up together in descendants 3?

And they all live happily ever after: Mal and Ben are engaged, Carlos and Jane (aka “Jarlos”) become official, Evie and Doug validate their romance via true love’s kiss, and Jay and Gil decide to take their bromance on a world tour.

Does Ben have a crush on Mal?

Mal and Ben are the love interest best friend/ secret relationship between Mal and Ben they first met each other at Auradon Prep and learned that they had a crush on each other. Then they begin dating and at the end of the film they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

What is Mal and Ben finally ever after?

Mal & Ben: Finally Ever After, a showcase of Mal & Ben’s relationship during all three Descendants movies, with an all-new Descendants Short Story: The Planning of the Royal Wedding. Starts Friday at 5 PM on Disney Channel.

Does Harry Hook like Jay?

That’s not to say that Harry Hook didn’t have an adorable bromance with Jay throughout the movie. After some initial disagreements, the two become friends. Together, they helped bring back to Auradon and allow those on the Isle of the Lost to cross the barrier.

Did Harry and Mal used to date?

“Mal actually dated Harry Hook before dating Ben [Mal’s boyfriend, who is played by Mitchell Hope]. So that was each of their first loves, which is kind of funny.

Do Ben and Mal get married in descendants 4?

Descendants: The Royal Wedding will debut on The Disney Channel on Friday, August 13th, 2021. We hear Mal’s voice echoing over a magical animation: “A million moments lead to this, where bride and groom will share a kiss…” Mal and Ben will be getting MARRIED!

Who is Ben’s ex girlfriend in Descendants?

Princess Audrey is a supporting character in the Descendants franchise. She is the main antagonist in Descendants 3. She is the daughter of Aurora and Prince Phillip. Naturally royal and extremely confident, she is the ex-girlfriend of Prince Ben and the cheerleading captain at Auradon Prep with a knack for fashion.

Who is Dopey’s wife?

Relevant Pages. Sleepy Jr. Doug’s mother (real name unknown) is a minor character in Descendants, Dopey’s wife, Doug’s mother, Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sleepy’s sister-in-law and Bashful Jr., Sleepy Jr. and Gordon’s aunt.

Is Mal a princess?

Queen Maleficent “Mal” Bertha is the main protagonist of the Descendants franchise. She is the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, the wife of King Ben, and the Queen of the United States of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost.

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