Is there an app to identify stamps value?

Is there an app to identify stamps value?

Stamp Identifier uses advanced image recognition technology to find that stamp and provide you more details about it, courtesy of, a social network for worldwide collectors which has the world’s largest online stamp catalog.

What is the meaning of stamp album?

stamp album in British English (stæmp ˈælbəm ) or stamp-book (ˈstæmpˌbʊk ) philately. a book used by collectors of postage stamps to display and store their stamps. Collins English Dictionary.

Is there an app for stamp collectors?

The free “Stamp Manager” app takes the stamp collectors’ world into the digital age with a mobile desktop platform. The philosophy is to make stamps accessible to everyone and support stamp collecting by providing the possibilities afforded by digital technology.

Where do you get books for library stamps?

The property stamp used by the libraries for many books is usually put on the lower right hand corner of the page before the title page. If for some reason it cannot be applied in this location, then the lower right hand corner of the inside back cover is used.

How many stamps were on each page of the album?

Each page can be used for 32 stamps.

What is a stamp collectors book called?

Stamp albums are books used to house a collection of postage stamps.

How to create stamp album pages with your computer?

– It’s free. There’s no charge to download the pages; you pay only what it costs you to print them. – It’s fresh. Philosateleia publishes pages for newly-issued U.S. stamps four times each year. No more waiting for expensive supplements! – It’s customizable. Modify the pages however you like, then print as few or as many as you need.

How can I make a stamp album?

Australia. A massive full colour 326 page album for Australia from 1913 to 2021 inclusive.

  • Barbados. Barbados.pdf Barbados 1850-1970.
  • Basutoland. (11.2MB) …
  • Bechuanaland.
  • Bohemia and Moravia.
  • British Antarctic Territory.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • Christmas Island.
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
  • What is the best stamp album?

    Do I have time to properly measure my album and the patience to create pages that are a perfect fit?

  • Am I willing to buy the right paper to ensure my investment stays safe?
  • Do I want or need customized pages?
  • Do I have a good printer and the cutting materials to create quality pages?
  • Where to buy stamp albums?

    Stamp Album Pages. The American Philatelic Society is proud to offer downloadable stamp albums that you may print for personal use or distribute free of charge. The albums range from as few as four to more than 30 pages and include background information on the illustrated stamps. Albums are not necessarily comprehensive.

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