Was Keller found in Prisoners?

Was Keller found in Prisoners?

There was an original ending where Loki moves the car and finds Keller but the filmmakers changed it on purpose and the studio ultimately left it as is. The ending does show that Loki hears the whistle, but we don’t see him actually find Keller.

Do they find the girls in Prisoners?

After the police let Alex go, Keller kidnaps Alex. Because Alex is missing, Holly doesn’t leave the girls in the hole to die but brings them into the house to keep her company. That choice allows the girls to eventually survive the ordeal.

Who kidnapped the girls in the movie the Prisoners?

That’s Bob Taylor, one of the many children Holly and her husband had abducted. Taylor was lucky enough to have survived (others did not), though it’s never explained how long he was there, or when he left, or how—just that he had been abducted, was kept by the Joneses, then was out being an adult.

Who took the girls in prisoners?

Even with her husband gone, Holly doesn’t stop and abducts Joy Birch and Anna Dover. Though she is not suspected by the police, Alex is, as the girls were seen playing around his RV before the capture. Alex is taken into custody, but is quickly released due to his IQ being the same as a ten year old.

Who was the culprit in Prisoners?

Alex’s aunt Holly, who appears for two scenes to get him out of prison and get questioned, before being revealed as the culprit.

Who was the body in the priests basement Prisoners?

So it turns out that Paul Dano’s Alex Jones is actually a kidnapping victim, raised by Melissa Leo’s “Aunt” who was, with her dead husband (the body found in the priest’s crawlspace), responsible for all the child abductions in the area.

Why did Loki visit the priest in Prisoners?

Detective Loki was going around talking to known sex offenders when he visited the (passed out drunk) priest. Are we to infer that the priest is a known sex criminal and yet has continue to pastor his church? Sex offenders are required to inform the public of their crimes.

Who took Anna in Prisoners?

Apparently, there are many things this survivalist will do, but one thing he won’t is own a bullet proof vest. Loki eventually makes it to the Aunt’s, confronts and kills her, and takes little Anna to the hospital where she is saved.

What did the snakes mean in Prisoners?

The snakes and the mazes: The killer(s) would tell the children that they would be freed if they solved all the mazes in the book. Leo’s character also refers to her husband keeping snakes (she alludes that Alex had some sort of accident involving snakes and that being the reason for his mental state).

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