What are the agencies involved in curriculum development?

What are the agencies involved in curriculum development?

At the national level, the agencies are, University Grants Commission (UGC), National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA/NUEPA), National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) and National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

What are the five agencies of curriculum development in Nigeria?

There are about 7 fundamentals educational agencies in Nigeria, and these agencies are:

  • National Universities Commission (NUC)
  • Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)
  • National Teachers Institute (NTI)
  • West African Examinations Council (WAEC)
  • National Examination Council (NECO)

What are the functions of educational agencies?

Functions of educational agencies in Nigeria

  • To approve every academic programme in universities and college.
  • To approve the establishment colleges and universities and their educational plans.
  • To make sure that each academic curriculum a Nigerian student takes is of high quality.

What are the roles of Nerdc?

NERDC has the statutory responsibility to: Develop, review and enrich curriculum at all levels; Undertake and promote book development, and local authorship for quality assurance; Conduct educational research for public policies formulation and implementation.

What are the five agencies of education?

As such, society develops various institutions to impart education, which are named as the agents of education. One can get education directly or indirectly through these sources or agents of education. Family, School, Religion, Peer group, media etc are the key agencies of education.

What are the agencies under the Ministry of Education?

Children’s Affairs Policy Division.

  • Department of Schools’ Services.
  • Finance and Accounts Division.
  • Human Resource Management and Administration Division.
  • Planning and Development Division.
  • Project Management and Technical Services Division.
  • Youth and Adolescents Policy Division.
  • What are the functions of educational agencies in Nigeria?

    The main functions of the Commission are outlined as follows; (i) Granting approval for all academic programmes run in Nigerian Universities; (ii) Granting approval for the establishment of all higher educational institutions offering degree programmes in Nigerian Universities (iii) Ensuring quality assurance of all …

    How many types of agency are there in education?

    Agencies of Education are broadly divided into two categories, viz. formal and Informal Agencies.

    What are the roles of Curriculum Development Center?

    The Centers provide professional instructional design for the materials they produce. Other responsibilities of each Curriculum Development Center include: Facilitate collaboration with community colleges to ensure that the materials are suitable for the community college student population and methods of instruction.

    What is educational agency?

    educational agencies means: entities that are authorized to direct and control public elementary or secondary, or postsecondary, institutions.

    How many divisions are in GES?

    There are four (4) main programmes under the GES and these are: Pre-tertiary education management including Headquarters Divisions, Regional and District directorates.

    Which agency under the Ministry of Education advises the Minister on matters of education development and employment of teachers?

    MANDATE OF NATIONAL TEACHING COUNCIL (NTC) Advise the Minister: (i) on matters relating to the professional standing and status of teachers; and (ii) on the education, development and the employment of teachers.

    What are the functions of curriculum planning?

    Both faculty and students have important roles to play in curriculum planning; that is, in the design and selection of programs, development of their content, and evaluation of their performance.

    What is the importance of objectives in curriculum development?

    To the extent that a curriculum involves learning in the affective domain, curriculum planners should develop objectives in this domain. Such objectives can help direct education strategies, even when there are insufficient resources to objectively assess their achievement.

    What are the 6 function of education?

    There are six manifest functions of education namely socialization, social control, social placement, transmitting culture, promoting social and political integration and as an agent of change (Javier et al, 2002). Education also serves as an agent of social control.

    What is the core of the teacher education development program?

    Since 2004, NCBTS has been the core of the Department of Education’s Teacher Education Development Program (TEDP). It has been adopted by teacher education institutions (TEIs) throughout the country and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for teacher’s licensure examination.

    What is the motto of GES?

    Mission Statement. To ensure that all Ghanaian children of school-going age are provided with inclusive and equitable quality formal education and training through effective and efficient management of resources to make education delivery relevant to the manpower needs of the nation.

    How many members are in the GES Council?

    The Ghana Education Service is governed by a fifteen-member council called the GES council. The agency was established in 1974 by the National Redemption Council.

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