What are the different types of tablespaces in Db2?

What are the different types of tablespaces in Db2?

Types of DB2 table spaces

  • Universal (UTS) table spaces.
  • Segmented (non-UTS) table spaces (deprecated)
  • Partitioned (non-UTS) table spaces (deprecated)
  • EA-enabled table spaces and index spaces.
  • Large object table spaces.
  • XML table spaces.
  • Simple table spaces (deprecated)

How many default tablespaces are created along with database in Db2?

In a database, we have one default user tablespace, named as USERSPACE1. If you do not specify user-defined tablespace for a table at the time you create it, then the database manager chooses default user tablespace for you. Temporary tablespace: A temporary tablespace contains temporary table data.

What is table space issue?

Problem. When a table space becomes full, Db2 cannot insert or update data into a table in that table space. In such situation, applications that executing such requests might fail. This document describes how to recover from a “table space full” situation.

What are the different types of table spaces?

There are three types of tablespaces:

  • Permanent. You use permanent tablespaces to store your user and application data.
  • Undo. A database running in automatic undo management mode transparently creates and manages undo data in the undo tablespace.
  • Temporary.

What is DMS tablespace in Db2?

In a DMS (database managed space) table space, the database manager controls the storage space. Unlike SMS table spaces, storage space is pre-allocated on the file system based on container definitions that you specify when you create the DMS table space.

What is difference between tablespace and datafile?

An Oracle database consists of one or more logical storage units called tablespaces, which collectively store all of the database’s data. Each tablespace in an Oracle database consists of one or more files called datafiles, which are physical structures that conform with the operating system in which Oracle is running.

What is DMS tablespace?

What are the types of tablespace?

How do I check tablespace utilization?

You can check the tablespace free space by running this query : SELECT dfq. tablespace_name AS “Tablespace Name”, dfq. totalspace AS “Total Size MB”, (dfq.

What is tablespace utilization?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021. A DBA must maintain adequate space in database tablespaces in order to have smooth functioning. All the tablespaces must be below threshold value and they all must be online (In case if no tablespace is put offline).

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