What Bondi Sands is the darkest?

What Bondi Sands is the darkest?

Aero Ultra Dark
Aero Ultra Dark will leave the skin with the deepest, bronzed glow – this is our darkest self tan yet. A. For an even, streak free application (and to prevent tanned palms), use the Bondi Sands Application Mitt in sweeping motions across the body.

What’s the difference between Bondi Sands?

A. Bondi Sands One Hour Express helps tackle those last minute tanning moments, with a formula that develops into a genuine dark tan in just 60 minutes. Bondi Sands Aero offers a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan, in comparison to One Hour Express.

Is Bondi Sands dark gold darker than liquid?

In comparison to Bondi Sands’ darker formulas, Liquid Gold is on the lighter side, but it’s perfect for those looking for a more subtle tan that dries fast, lasts for about a week, and moisturizes the skin.

How long does Bondi Sands light to medium last?

Your Bondi Sands tan should last between 5 – 7 days, and with good preparation and moisturising it can last even longer.

What shade of fake tan should I use?

“The golden rule with fake tan is to never go so dark that it looks well, fake. If you have red hair and fair skin, we recommend two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone.

How do you know what shade of self tanner to use?

If you have pale or fair skin, and/or just want a subtle glow, then choose our LIGHT shade. If you have a medium skin tone, or are fair and want to look noticeably darker, choose our DARK shade. If your skin is naturally tan, and/or you want a very dark bronze color, chose our ULTRA DARK shade.

What Bondi Sands tan is the best?

Best Overall: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam.

How do you know what shade of self-tanner to use?

What Bondi Sands is best?

Which is the best Bondi Sands tan?

Best Overall: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam What We Love: This foam delivers a deep, realistic tan that lasts.

Should I get a medium or dark spray tan?

If you plan to sport your summer brights, consider a nice medium to dark tone that will give you a summer glow. In winter, there is less light, and people tend to wear darker, richer colors like greens, reds, and black. A soft golden tone may be the perfect spray tan shade during the cooler months.

Should I get fair to medium or medium to tan?

There are: fair to medium and a medium to tan range. Fair to medium will work for skin types 1 through 3, which spans from light pale/white to medium white/olive, while the medium to tan range works for skin types 4 to 6, which is olive/moderate brown to very dark brown.

What shade of tan should I get?

What undertone of tan should I use?

If your skin veers pink, red, or blueish, you have cool undertones. If your skin has a yellow, peachy, or golden tinge, you have warm undertones. If you have a mix of both, your undertone is neutral. To find your undertone, look at your wrists under natural light.

Why is my fake tan green Bondi Sands?

Bondi Sands products are formulated green based, so that our customers result in a natural warm beautiful tan that doesn’t appear orange. This being said, colour development is very dependent on the skin’s pH levels.

How do I know what shade of tan to get?

Check the DHA Percentage Because DHA is the active ingredient in spray tan products and the higher the percentage, the deeper the spray tan color. For example, if you see it list DHA at 6%, you know that the spray tan color will be light. Colors with upwards of 15% DHA will be much darker.

How do you know what shade of fake tan to get?

What is a Bondi Sands Tan?

That is, a formula defined by a premium green/blue dye that results in a natural looking tan. Many other tanning brands’ formulas are based on an orange/yellow dye, using lower quality ingredients, which can result in an orange skin tone. How long will my Bondi Sands tan last?

How long does it take for Bondi Sands to work?

For an even streak free application try the Bondi Sands Application Mitt. Using an Application Mitt will also eliminate the chance of ending with tanned palms. Once applied you can wash the tan off after just 1 hour, but for a deeper long-lasting tan leave on your skin for up 8 hours.

How do I use Bondi Sands self-tanning back applicator?

For those hard to reach places try the Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Back Applicator Step 3 Skin may be washed after one hour. For a longer lasting, darker tan leave for up to 6 hours before showering with warm water. Gently pat skin dry. For the deepest tan re-apply Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam 30 minutes after initial application.

How do you use the Bondi Sands exfoliation Mitt?

Directions Step 1 Use the Bondi Sands Exfoliation Mitt to ensure your skin is clean and free from any moisturisers. Before you tan remember to take a before photo for our social pages. Step 2 Pump foam directly onto your Application Mitt before using long, sweeping motions to smooth over legs, arms and body.

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